Vintage parachute?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Butilikethecookie, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    an Irish friend of mine who's into crafts and jewellery is looking for a vintage parachute for an artsy photo shoot. I am a long-time lurker and I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas how I could find one or knows anyone who might still have one? Money's tight and getting one loaned would be just fine, too.

    Any thoughts? :) Thank ye's all!

    - Butilikethecookie
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  2. Yeah, well that's the problem. It's supposed to be one of them fancy silk beige ones... think WWII movies. It's one of those I can't find - if they even exist, I'm no expert on parachutes unfortunately.
  3. Lay off the vintage crap. Some of us on here trained on the X type!
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  4. You don't happen to still have one? =-D

    Seriously though, kudos to ye fellas, I'd only ever jump out of an aircraft if it was on fire... That stuff's just not for me.

    I heard the white silk parachutes were popular with the ladies in occupied Germany and more than one wore a "redesigned" one for their wedding. I bet those were worth a pretty penny even back in those days, nevermind now I guess.
  5. Last white silk chute I saw was a T-33 one that was just about time expired in the mid 70's (life of a chute was one deployment or 12 years in the RCAF). After that they were all ripstop nylon in multi colour.
  6. ...and a damned fine piece of kit it was too, I never had one fail to open! :omg:
  7. Thank you, Yank. The trouble is that I need the parachute itself to be white not necessarily the pack it comes in.

    I think I'm really looking for a piece of military equipment that only made "sense" at the time: highly expensive (silk) and pretty visible (white). It's a good thing the tech has caught up a wee bit since then, but an olive nylon canopy just isn't as iconic I suppose - especially in a civvy photo shoot.

    Flash, thanks for the info. If they disappeared in the 70s, I think they're pretty much unobtainable now, certainly for anything like her budget. =(
  8. If it's for a civvie photo shoot why don't you just buy some white silk and sew a few "rigging" lines in it? If she wants to photograph the whole parachute it doesn't matter whether the canopy is "expensive" silk or cheap nylon. You probably won't be able to tell the difference. If it's for close up shots you won't recognise it as a real parachute anyway and could use the real silk. Job jobbed.
  9. Try military surplus sales outlets for LLP trial parachutes from the early nineties. I recall some of the canopies were white to distinguish between port and starboard sticks.
  10. Agreed...

    Cream rayon lining material would do the trick.. Parachute silk was a plain weave silk cut on the bias - the stuff I used to work with at Lofty T's in the 70s was getting brittle even then (for film props). - I would not imagine any has survived to the present day.

    I made up a canopy that was apparantly used by Donald Sutherland in "The Eagle Has Landed" and the silk kept shredding so we used rayon...
  11. You can buy a canopy made for weddings with the rigging lines already sewn in... smaller than a real chute... but cheap...

    ebay item number 121069543199