Vintage Highland Broadsword for sale, Very similar to current SCOTS Officers' - £350

Vintage Highland Broadsword for sale - Very similar to current SCOTS sword £350 offer
I have found a vintage Highland Broadsword. It's very similar to the current Royal Regiment of Scotland Officers' sword. It is vintage so there are a few marks/nicks but given a good Brasso and chrome polish this looks great.

The red felt in the basket is slightly grubby but very useable. The blade has not been etched or engraved meaning you are free to personalise this sword. The blue tassles (I'm sure a SCOTS Officer would know what I'm supposed to call them) on the hilt are in fair/good condition, again they are very useable.

The sword comes complete with a nickel scabbard. Again, this is vintage so the nickel plating is slightly worn in places (mostly on welds) but overall is in good condition.


£350 or offers.

Message me on ARRSE or reply to thread with details.
Why did you put this in this forum, instead of the Classified ads one ???
F@ck off they sell them for £40 at the gift shop in Ft George, where I got mine


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It doesn't look very broad to me, but then I am a southerner and these things are relative.

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