My parents have for some reason given me an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels that they bought in 1974. Is there any value in it, above that of what it would cost in Waitrose? Are there JD collectors?

I don’t drink the stuff, so looking to flog it on.


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It’s unopened for a reason.:toilet:


I'm fairly sure whisky/bourbon doesn't change much once bottled, so it might have novelty value but not much else


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Revolting stuff neat. Can you find any 45 year-old coke to go with it?

It’ll still be awful btw...

snort the coke then you'll not notice how terrible that American shite is?
Unless there's a date on the label to make it interesting to a collector, it's nothing unusual, as the spirit put into the bottle is already dead so won't 'mature' over time.
Yup, only ages in the barrel. Once it’s bottled it doesn’t change.
Cheers all. Hopefully some JD geek may want it.

If it’s a bottle from ‘74 then it would likely be 45% ABV as opposed to today’s 40% ABV. They progressively lowered the proof starting in the mid 80’s and then again in the early 00’s to the present day level. ISTR that this was not actually advertised publicly and there was a bit of a kerfuffle amongst JD fans to get it reinstated to the original level of 90 proof/45% ABV but came to nothing whilst saving JD millions of dollars in production costs and government duty.

BTW, I am not a JD geek, Wild Turkey is my preferred American rot gut.