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Vintage Bintage, 1979 Victoria's Secret.

luvverly, not a plastic tit in sight....brings back memories of the recce-mech's huge stash of porn at 28 sigs LAD, kept in a black bin bag, and all betamax on the grounds that it made it much less likely to get nicked.


Kit Reviewer
Argh, the days when women wore proper bras that allowed nip showing. Not like these modern day ******* bras that double up as ear defenders!
What's not to like? Proper women, not over-blown, pouty non-entities who're somehow 'stars'.

Got to love the first quote in the reader replies:

"Perhaps a few pounds heavier but still stones lighter than the average British woman today. So, don't use these photos as yet another defense of 'curvier' women...these women are still tiny compared to the beasts in the Dove campaigns and the average high street shopper..."

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