Vinnie’s fistful of...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uk_numpty, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Vinnie Jones has been offered $1MILLION to team up with his old footie rival Paul Gascoigne in Celebrity Big Brother.

    The ex-Wimbledon hardman, now a movie star, was contacted by show producers with a lucrative offer to "keep an eye" on former England hero Gazza in a ratings-winning ploy for the BB house.

    The star - whose son Aaron is scheduled for a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Household Cavalry in the New Year - is also expected to donate a percentage of his fee to Help for Hero's.
  2. and?
  3. Should be a laugh?
    And a % going to a good charity!
  4. Who fucking cares about Big Brother, you'd have to be retarded to find it amusing.
  5. Does Vinny need to risk it all on that bag of shite?
  6. i find it highly amusing . so i must be retarded . i am also pleased that the charity will get a few quid .

    Cqms you are a miserable old spunker and you need to feel the love tonight .

    Failing that there is a career walking in front of funeral corteges awaiting you .

    Happy new year .
  7. Would it be remiss to wish for it all to go wrong for them?

    Pair of plonkers the both of 'em. :D
  8. No it would be good sport ---gazza smuggles in an smg and runs amok on a killing spree ending it by shooting jones in the bawbag . He tjhen dons his comedy breasts and vomits on davina .