Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k13eod, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Ok, I admit to listening to Radio 2 most of the day. Always look forward to jeremy Vine in the afternoon and can guarentee that, like a lot of people have an opinion on at least one of his items each day; so much so that I am often tempted to reach for the phone or ping off an e-mail. Pretty sure that there are a few more arrsers that do the same.

    So, here we have the Vine thread, love him or hate him there are some truly evocotive (and comical) topics discussed. So lets have your opinion here as the topics are being discussed live. Rules are simple, like the show you only comment on the topic actually being dicussed at the time. After the show, and up until the next one you can offer opinion on any of the topics discussed on that days show ... weekends are a free for all!

    I appreciate that some of the topics will be discussed elsewhere on arrse but this should make for some good quick fire reaction particularly towards some of the callers/e-mail comments.

    10 minutes to the first one ...
  2. Me,I'm not keen at all and it would appear that the Observers Miranda Sawyers isn't either,,,April this year....

    "Unfortunately, it made everything else afterwards seem like a mickey-take as well. And Ken was followed by Jeremy Vine. As regular readers may know, I have been worried about Jeremy recently: if you compare him with his previous incarnation as a Newsnight/Panorama presenter, it's as though he's been subject to nightly brain-washing by the Daily Mail. Post-Ken, he went straight into an item on speed cameras and I really didn't know if it was a joke or not."
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  3. I usually listen to it but find I'm turning it off more often than not lately as the arguments are more more Jeremy Kyle than Jeremy Vine.
  4. Means testing pensioners first.
  5. Would means testing mean a loss of state pension for those of us who own our houses and are in receipt of a forces pension ... maybe no free bus pass for us?
  6. It sounds like it will be based on income not property.
  7. One of the criteria questions is: "Do you own your own home and how much is it worth".
  8. Does the queen have to hand her bus pass back?
  9. I'm with Jack on this. Have given up listening to him for this very reason. I am 5 minutes from Radio 2 building so if you want me to lie in wait and give him a leathering, post show, just let me know. (If I can fight my way through the constant collection of saddos/autograph hunters and papparazi usually queued up outside)
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  10. Just had a lib dem on stating that it wouldn't be based on that criteria.
  11. Re-tune at 14:00hrs.:puker:
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  12. Is it anywhere near Radio 1 as you could twat moyles all day for me if you please!!
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  13. I just hate his tone and attitude.

    The show has no substance.
  14. Femal caller claiming pensioners should lose all allowances. Single mum on the dole. From the call sounded like she hasn't worked for 11 years yet wants benefits removed from those who have grafted all their lives.
  15. The Lib criteria is;
    1. Have you ever served your country.
    2. Have you ever voted conservative.
    3. Are you proud to be British.
    4. Do you like Jeremy Clarkson.

    Answering yes to any question will result in your pension being withdrawn.