Vin Diesel & The Rock

Not only they are derivatives of macho actors like schwarzenegger, stallone and van damme but i was thinking if Vin Diesel and The Rock be good stars in war movies?

Vin Diesel was in Saving Private Ryan, The Rock starred in Doom as a Commando Sargeant, He played an ex commando in the film 'walking tall'.

Walking Tall was based on a true story about an ex marine who became sheriff so he could restore order to his home town. I always thought it was a rip off of Rambo First Blood.
Vin Diesel is actually a decent actor, and a pretty cool guy. His muscular exterior actually hides his inner D&D nerd.

Mr Happy

Rock was good in that movie, his co-star was the lead guy from Jackass who was also surprisingly good.

Vin too has a bit of quality about him if we can steer clear of the mushi scenes. I particularly liked the scene where he beat his wife's murderer to death in the car park. And as for his performance in SVP, Speilberg is not known for employing idiots.

Both have some good future war movies ahead of them.
Vin???? He's been utter shite in every film he's done since SPR, and all he did was get killed in that.

Off topic, but is he not a mincer?

Mr Happy

I rather liked Man On Fire and XXX did well, if the scripts aren't great its not his fault (in so far as someone has to make the movie..), his acting is spot-on.
IMHO both are better actors than big Arnie (but thats really not saying much now is it?)
Vin Diesel's last role was Find Me Guilty which was great. He's left the spotlight, so now he has time to be an actor rather than a "star". I think we can expect good things from him in the future.

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