Villain themed fancy dress ideas

Thoughts?Most people will turn up in the usual superhero garb - boring!! I want to make more of an effort! Bad taste more than welcome! Cheers,Barney
Last year i went a heroes and villians as bin laden. Piss easy mate. Dish dash under a combat jacket and a towel for a hat. Just for giggles i had 'world hide and seek champion' wrote on my back.
Naturally after ST6 got him you'd have to put a hole in your cheek and your forehead but a bit of cas-sim make up will sort that.
Pol Pot with a sackful of plastic skulls.
Jesus? or Mohammed even - much more offensive.
Mohammed would be a good choice and there would be that extra frisson of danger knowing that you'll piss off some bearded fuckwits who can't take a joke. ;-)


Last month the left wing scrounged a wheelchair, got the cape and stuff, and came as Batman. He was beaten by our Kiwi centre who came in a nappy. "Who the fuck are you?"
"Baby P" he said. Class.
How about the Jewess costume from Borat?

Guaranteed to help advance equality by drawing strong reactions from liberals and Neo-Nazis alike!
He came as Batman in a Wheelchair?

Surely Superman is funnier....

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