Villagers playing with portable mobile speed camera

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Mikal, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Yesterday I was toddling downhill into Storrington at a steady 30mph to the hatred of the driver behind me when I saw some odd behaviour.

    Travelling downhill toward the village there were two cars parked on the pavement, completely preventing any pedestrian use. Hidden between them were 3 locals in a space of about 5 feet. One with his high vis jacket so undone that only the arms were covered was handling the camera (the way he was holding it didn't inspire confidence in an accurate detection speed). Since no one normally parks on that bit of road the cars probably belonged to these amateur sleuths.

    Since one of them was sat down taking the numbers from this questionable operator (as in clearly couldn't hold the camera steady) I take it they have some official position to hassle people?

    Knowing this road, I am very surprised they were in one piece. Heavy goods vehicles and buses trundle down there and could easy have had them snadwiched by tagging the foremost car.

    So to save me delving around Pepipoo forums, can someone calrify what these people allowed to do?

  2. Don't Think they can actually do anything except cause an obstruction or an accident.
    Locals in a village near me when I was in Warwickshire were lent a speed gun by the plod so they could check the speed of cars through the village. Caused two accidents in as many hours.
    First when the crowd of villagers around the bloke with the gun were waving at the motorists to slow down. One driver took it as a signal to stop and the car behind ran into him.
    Next one was when some one else took over the gun and did dirty harry move at the car which swerved and hit one of the operators cars that had been parked on the bend.
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  3. We had this in Somerset, Community Speed Watch. They do have to follow Police Guidelines and must be totally overt. I think you get a warning letter or it might prompt a real speed check by plod.
  4. Dogooding bellends. Where in Warwickshire was this?
  5. Road Safety is a great thing, especially for kids. Speed kills, and anything we can do to kill speed is welcome. These public spirited, intelligent and extremely valuable helpers should just watch out. Take care out there while you're acting the copper. You'll either cause an accident, or worse; tragically, unfortunately, horribly messily, you'll get juiced by a Stobart along with that vital camera.
  6. A friend of mine who is German was driving through Düsseldorf when he spotted a German copper complete with speed measuring equipment, taking a picture of him and his car. He wasn't speeding so he circled round and again, as he drove past, the copper lifted a camera and took his picture. This got to him a bit so he circled round again and when it happened for a third time he stopped his car and showed his ID that showed him to be a doctor (they tend to get a little bit more respect in Germany) and said "I wasn't speeding so why did you keep taking my picture"? "Because Herr Doctor you didn't have your seat belt on". Oops
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  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm sure there was a very similar thread a while back.

    The general consensus is that the old biddies with the camera can do absolutely **** all, bar publish your number plate in their next parish newsletter.

    The SOP on seeing these twats, is to drop a gear and floor it while deploying the finger.
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  8. Ravers, thanks for the link. Sadly I'm not sure how good it is being from 2006. I thought there night be something more recent but being a dunce when it comes to searches I tend to miss the obvious.

    My concern is although I know I was doing 30, the gent with the camera was none too steady with the way he was holding it. SInce the tailgater and me were the only 2 vehicles heading their way I know I must have been the target.
  9. Markintime, if that's the way they are supposed to do it then these people were well off base. The camera operator was aiming over the top of the car he was standing (hiding) behind.

    I like SIDs. Coincidentally there's a SID at the top of the hill from where these sterling people were hidden.
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  10. It's my understanding that these vigilante speed enforcers, even if officially sanctioned or condoned, have no powers other than to write to the person concerned and request that they adhere to the published speed limit. They need to be officially sanctioned to get the address from your number plate so those unofficially there can't even write. They just act as a visual deterrent.
  11. The problem is that if you were doing 35mph and they thought "Bollocks, we'll have you done". I love to see how crap their statements would be, a defence solicitor would probably have a field day with them. Next time, ring the local plod and point out that they are going to get themselves killed, due to the fact that they are squeezed between 2 closely parked cars. My force does this with large groups of school children, outside schools and with PCSO's. It quite obvious when you drive past what's going on and lets be fair, you're asking for trouble doing 45mph past a school.

    Or you can get on your high horse like this guy did -

    Driver fined for swearing in front of school kids | Wilmslow Express -

    If you do get pulled by a copper, be polite, lose the attitude and take what ever is coming on the chin. You'll probably be OK. (Unless it's a traffic officer, as they won't put up with anything).
  12. I've seen them before - the ones I'm aware of write a letter to the Civ Pol with the registration numbers of cars they allegedly caught speeding. Civ Pol then sometimes write to the owners of the cars, asking them to consider their driving habits in the future.
  13. I've reported their behaviour to Sussex police. I don't fancy being delayed coming home because the idiots got themselves squished.

    I'm all for speed enforcement on this road. People going out of the village on this road think they're Formula 1 drivers.