Villa sold - ONeill stays on.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. O'Neill set for long stay at Villa

    London - Aston Villa's new American owners are preparing to offer new manager Martin O'Neill a six-year deal which would be the longest in the English Premiership.
  2. Its about time a midlands club had a bit of good news. You do have to feel sorry for the long suffering villa fans
  3. I'll believe it when it happens, Doug Ellis is a cnut.

  4. Not in the slightest,it could happen to any of us.Ask Manure pre Premiership ,how long was it 26 years or so. Money men more interested in keeping the books neat than putting silverware in the cabinet,re dougie.
    DS dont think that applies to your chairman, not yet anyway.

    Be interesting to see how O'neil does though,because lets face it the only thing he has achieved in the Prem is keeping a team in it.Now he's faced with putting a team back where his fans believe they should be,at the top.
    Will watch with interest how he cope's.
  5. I'm a villa fan, and yes Ellis is a complete and utter cnut, no doubt he will drag his heels and keep a firm grip on villa for as long as humanely possible.
    Many a Villa fan will now have aspirations and visions thinking the team will become a top flight contender if Ellis buggers off alllowing money to be spent, much the same way they rejoiced when he nearly popped his clogs.
    I wont get my hopes up and my feet will remain on the ground until the deal is done and sealed and Ellis is wheeled off by the men in white coats.
    As for O'Neill, like easymoney says, I'll watch with interest to see how he does with a team that in my opinion has long had the potential to do well, but always manage to balls it up.
    I live in hope :)
  6. Amen. Randy Lerner is a class act and with MON in charge of a decent transfer spend we'll be watching Champions League again in three seasons.

    Incidentally Lerner is planning a Hall of Fame centered on 81/82 Euro Cup winning team..I like him already :D
  7. Apart from O'Neill's decent stint at Leicester, what has he actually done? Celtic fans can spout on about trophies all day long, but winning the SPL and the Scottish Cup was hardly in the same category as the English Premier League or the FA Cup, was it? I'm not saying he has to prove anything to anybody, but I somehow get the feeling that he's going to go down in everyone's estimations after a season or two. I'm also rather glad he didn't end up in the England hotseat.
  8. Hope that last post didn't come across as sounding a bit negative, obviously I wish Villa all the best. They are one of Britains biggest clubs, and deserve any success that may come their way. I just get the feeling they may have to wait a while longer.
  9. What about a UEFA final place you nosher.

    Before he turned up, Celtic had not won the SPL for 8 years, and they did the treble in his first season.

    As long as he doesn't just buy two 6 foot 6 forwars and play "route 1" as he has had previous for, he'll do ok.
  10. Make no mistake, Martin O'Neill has excelled wherever he has managed. Top Bloke. And principled. Hpw rare is that in this day and age ?
  11. Announcment due to the stock exchange dawn o'clock tomorrow that Randy is officially the man! Bye bye Ellis, I hope you rot.