Viking just cant say no

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dan1vikings08, May 13, 2009.

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  1. Forget it pal quit dreaming, and with an attitude like yours, your bound to last all of erm about 5mins in any INF BN and any other part of the army for that matter.

    Just my opinion, im free to as are you. Before you spout of with an incoherent shower of s**t, i have been there and one it. Good luck
  2. Does anyone on here give good and serious advice to those who want to join up or is it just all nay-sayers. I have never came across so much arrogance in my life.. Danviking that was a sh1t post.
  3. I'm all for people joining the Army. I am also in favour of giving out realistic advice. Some people don't want to hear it however.
  4. As s**t as you may think it was i cant help feeling that there was some truth in it. Im merely pointing out that with an attitude overhaul on his part he could go far.

    Anyhow I gather your 1r.anglian? what coy are you in mate?
  5. Stay on thread now Daniel. It was shite, no inspiration at all total loser. :roll:
  6. He's not in the Army yet.....he's a mong.

    I was in Ebrington with you lot.
  7. Fcuking McDonalds.
  8. so what coy are you in then?
  9. I'm not in the Anglians, I just happened to share the same Bks as you guys. We stayed up in Clooney though.
  10. Listen to you :roll: , I'd like to see where you where at my age, what qualifications you had etc... If you would take a moment to take your head from your ARRSE's you would relise that there is people on here who are yet to join and are in the process of doing so. A bit of inspiration towards them would be great, but you don't know it.

    Mate it's your life if you want to join infantry join infantry just make sure you really want it. It doesn't take any military experience to tell you that! Good luck.