Viking casualty rate

The Eastern Daily Press released a story a few days ago about the Casualty rate for the 1st Battalian, Royal Anglian Regiment.

Couldn't find it anywhere on here, although apologies if it is a double post:


The full horror and intensity of the Royal Anglian Regiment's ongoing mission in Afghanistan has been revealed after details emerged of an alarming casualty rate among troops.

Three soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment - which recruits in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire - have been confirmed killed in action in operations against the Taliban during operation in Helmand province in the last few weeks.

But more significantly, the number of soldiers injured - some severely - has now been released to the Eastern Daily Press.

The Ministry of Defence is traditionally reluctant to give full details of casualties - citing reasons of operational security - but the EDP can reveal that at the half-way stage of the six-month deployment, a further 40 troops have been injured, several of them with what are described as life-changing injuries.

The news also comes after it emerged that two of the three members of the armed forces killed in a mortar attack on their base at Basra in southern Iraq were from RAF Honington.

The 1st Battalion Royal Anglians, nicknamed The Vikings and with 600 soldiers in Helmand, has had significant successes in driving Taliban forces from their strongholds across troubled Helmand province since they deployed to the troubled province in April.

But the regiment has now revealed that those advances have come at a high price....
More available by clicking on the link.

I know a number of Vikings and wish them all the best, I'm sure they're doing a cracking job.

edited to add that the article was written before the fatality announced 25/07/07

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