Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Swamp_Rat, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. So how far does it have to go before you 'okay that's enough, the buck stops here' and you decide to provide an effective deterrent and start to clean up the streets yourself?

    Frustrated with inadequate policing and an effective deterrent to carry out crack-related (habit-financing) crime, how/what would you do to make a concerted effort to mercifully assist the scum to complete their lifecycle?

    Bearing in mind that firearms are messy and leave too much evidence.

    Add/subtract/pm me if you want, enquiring minds need viable solutions.
  2. Lets just give them all free crack, as much as they want and if we are really lucky they will die in a pool of their own vomit, result no drugs crime, and a shed load of money saved by the NHS because they will no longer have to treat the added bonus of extra jobs in the undertaking business what more could you want?
  3. heh

    I didn't see it that way, what a great concept.
  4. Good idea, send all Druggies and Chavs who carry knives to an isolated island with enough drugs and let them fester away or kill each other. Once a month send another batch until we rid the streets of this scum. Keeps them away from civilisation.
  5. It takes a subtle yet twisted mind swampy....
  6. ...Taking you a stage further in your enlightenement of scum eradication;

    I just received a pm (thank you) that suggested passing over a bottle of wine laced with lsd then when they're well out of it, put on the gorilla suit and dance around to something appropriate heh heh

    I'll go and practice my movements at the halt and see what else pops up.
  7. we did that once already. But the australians seem to be coming back..
  8. I was subjected to an attempted mugging a couple of years back , seeing I was in a wheelchair chav points knife and asks for money I said wallet in inside pocket of jacket and he would have to help him self as no proper arms,cnut leaned forward and as he reached in I gave him one fcukoff galsga kiss, SUPRISE !! he ran away , didnt half hurt though.......
    I would love to do some "neighbourhood watch + " ..........

    Yes I do realise some of my posts may ruin future interview chances.
  9. Get spikes fitted to your wheels mate and run the TW*TS over, then watch as the blood squirts out. Good on you and pleased to see your well again.
  10. We didnt hear or read a thing ww...
  11. just don,t trying to help the police or you could get into some bother and have a criminal record like me.
  12. how about we don hoodies and baseball caps with something appropriate printed on them "Team ARRSE" or "ARRSE: Security" or something. and stag on around street corners and beat the living shi'ite out of them. as were wearing hoodies CCTV wont pick us up. play them at their own game
  13. Excellent idea, but undertaking? Surely you meant refuse disposal?

    To my mind, the perfect solution would rely on their inherent lack of self-control, their greed and their sense of absolute entitlement. Not everyone who wears a baseball cap is a complete waste, although it is a good combat indicator, so some way of getting them to self-identify and add a sense of poetic justice from seeing the scumbags come a-cropper would add to the joy of doing the right thing.

    I would suggest something akin to the good old fashion come-on. Say a carelessly unlocked car that 'spontaneously' catches fire when hotwired, or perhaps a lawnmower with some 'faulty' wiring left out at night.

    Of course, there's always crucifixion. Just imagine the M1 ringed with crosses a la Spartacus... Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that's better.
  14. Also stop all this hug a hoodie public service crap of issuing a warning when someone starts selling a bad batch of crack.Let them buy it, let them use it and then let them die.
  15. A more inventive way would be to give just enough drugs so that there wasn't enough to go round give them a choice of weaponry from knives to clubs etc but just not enough to go round. Let them kill themselves then as the group gets smaller then reduce the amount again. last one left gets a fix of pure smack or a 9mm to the nut. Then bring in new contestants. You could watch it on TV and place bets on who would live the longest reality TV I wouldn't mind watching