Vigilante Speed Traps

This morning, on the way to work, I passed (at slightly higher than the permitted speed, admittedly) a group of sad looking middle-classed types all togged out in yellow 'hi-vis' jackets. The four of them were lurking in a layby at the entrance to a little village on the edge of The Plain, one clutching and pointing a camera thing, the others had millboards and grumpy, stern and disapproving looks!

Question: Can they 'do' someone? Or are they just bloody do-gooders?
yeah we have those middle aged tosspots around our area too

if they clock you going over the speed limit,one of them will write down your VRN and the speed you were doing and then they will inform the local plod, who will write to you to inform you that they beleive you were driving like a twat, but due to no sworn in officer being present they will kindly ask you to remember to slow down.


Why not ring the Feds (on the non-emergency number, naturally) and complain about having been dazzled by some clown pointing a laser pen at you from the spot? All in the interests of public safety; you wouldn't want to see them run down by a blinded motorist, would you?
Traffic Cop Walts… we get them round my way.

Dress up in the hi-viz and look all official and use a camera to photograph you, (some of the cnuts get loaned a proper radar gun) if they think you're going too fast. Got pulled in by a group of these cnuts nipping along through a village and was flagged down by them. Old fart started giving it about speeding etc, etc…

You official?

No, we're concerned members of the public stopping cars we feel are going to fast.

Bye… and drove off.
**** all they could've done, legally. However a car I stopped on Monday had some choice words and nearly dragged out of the drivers seat when he was doing a wheelspin and harsh cornering when near kids playing!
In conclusion,make sure that they're smaller and not as hard as you and you'll be fine.
Since they think that it perfectly acceptable to undertake the work of the police in this sphere, I suggest that you reciprocate the Big Society theme to them and undertake some constabulary-like actions to them.

Kettling with a few fellow ARRSErs would be a start. Perhaps followed by a dawn raid on their house and seizure of hard drives. At least one of the 'concerned citizens' is bound to have something naughty on one...
Chuck a Thunderflash at the coffin dodging bastards
If they try to stop you on the road, drive over them, as it is after all an illegal VCP, and you felt in danger !
Follow the speed limit then I guess you'll have no cause for concern.......Kill your speed not a child eh....
Why? I dont like kids and would rather kill one than be late. I'm a busy man.
If you're that concerned with your childs safety, teach it the green cross code.
One thing to remember with the CHIPS-walts though is that if you keep speeding through the area, then they'll tell the police and plod will come along with the real kit...

So it's best to check out the identity of the hi-vis wearers carefully before cogging it down into first and doing a 50m long burnout past them whilst flicking V's in their general direction.
But beware. If they write in to plod with enough details then the police have no choice but to turn up and put in place a proper police crew, with proper police powers; and proper police radar guns.
Youll get a letter from plod telling you to slow down. but as has been stated if the do gooders get a lot of speeding notes then real plod will soon be there with a legit speed trap.
Why? I dont like kids and would rather kill one than be late. I'm a busy man.
If you're that concerned with your childs safety, teach it the green cross code.
I don't have kids....

I also recommend that people break into houses, commit fraud, maybe kill the odd innocent civilian as well why follow the law....oh sorry people in HM Forces have been doing that for years anyway.....
Muppets of the first order. They have no legal powers, they write down your VIN and car make and model and speed. This assumes that a 190 year old arthritic WI champion can operate the device without her shaky hands totally screwing up the data, but I suspect they just write down anyone who 'looks a bit dodgy' irrespective of speed anyway......

Drive past them at 28 and throw a polite wave, the buggers still don't smile!

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