Vigilante farmer in weapon probe

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flatcap, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. A bit early in the morning for the outrage bus but:

    "Vigilante farmer in weapon probe

    Mr Martin shot dead a burglar in his home in 1999
    Farmer Tony Martin has been arrested and questioned by police in Cambridgeshire for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon.

    Mr Martin, 64, was arrested when police stopped his car and found what was believed to be a farm sickle.

    A police spokeswoman confirmed a man had been arrested for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon, but said no further action was being taken.

    Mr Martin shot dead a burglar he found in his Norfolk home in 1999.

    The police spokeswoman said the man in question had been given a fixed penalty notice for not wearing a seatbelt following the incident earlier this month.

    Mr Martin was freed from jail in 2003 after serving two thirds of a five-year sentence for the manslaughter of 16-year-old Fred Barras.

    The farmer shot the teenager and his fellow burglar Brendan Fearon, 33, after confronting them in his home at Emneth Hungate, Norfolk, in August 1999.

    Ok so here goes....................he is caught with a farm sickle.............correct me if i'm wrong but................HE'S A FECKING FARMER................OF COURSE HE'S GOT A FECKING FARM SICKLE..............QUICK ARREST ALAN TITCHMARSH BECAUSE HE HAS A PAIR OF OFFENSIVE GARDEN SHEARS.........................FOR FECKS SAKE.

    I'm off to my pit to dream about a land where the authorities are not a bunch of dumb sh1ts!!! :x
  2. Perhaps, or perhaps he had the sickle in his car with which to cut someone up if he had any trouble?
    Is it reasonable excuse? Just because he is a farmer, may not be reasonable excuse to have it in his car, all depending on the particular cicumstance in which he was stopped.

    Besides, he should have had his seatbelt on.
  3. So really the debate is about who is to decide what is "reasonable".......

    "The question is, said Alice, who is to be Master.
    The question is, said Humpty Dumpty, who can make words mean the most.

    Quoting from memory so may not be 100%
  4. Yes,

    The farmer, 'cutting' about from field to field in his tractor/landrover/quad bike i would say is reasonable.
    the farmer, in his car in town on his weekly shop, is less reasonable.
    In my mind anyway.
    still should have had his seatbelt on, knob
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Outrage! Etc, etc. Mind you, he'd be hard pushed to heroically shoot someone in the back while they were running away with a sickle.
  6. IMHO I think one needs to consider "intent" as well.
  7. I don't know why people go on about the "in the back" aspect of his shot so much.

    The scroats were stealling and trespassing, and Martin had been suffering this sort of thing for months whils the Police did less than fcuk all.

    Martin didn't have RoE, so fired whichever way he saw fit.... one dead scroat is a result in anybodies book.

    Strikes myself, that cops are just picking on the old fella now.

    They were made to look like a shower of shit by his actions, so he's now gettingthe good news as a result. So what he had a sickle in his car....

    Guess what, I have a wheel brace in the car, like so many others, I regularly carry a leathermans, and certainly up until a few years ago EVERY detachmnet carried a tree beater...

    We don't seem to suffer from a rash of wheel brace related killings do we?

    The local cops are just proving yet again that they are a bunch of c0cks. they probably let a a whole Nova of chavs go buy with un road worthy cars, at high speed, or ignored any number of theft reports...

    As for why he had it, so what. THat's his business. He may have it in his car for sharpening or maintainence, lent it to a mate, or maybe he just forgot all about it and is driving around with it because he used it recently on another job. Contray to popular beleive, farmers DON't all drive around in Rangees or tractors.
  8. If only he'd carried a hammer to go with his sickle... he's probably be knighted in the new years honours list!
  9. Hopefully Gordo will send a message of sympathy to the countryside as in a lesson learnt moment he appoints a sickle tsar, to rid the country of the scourge of farmers using sickles...

    Cambridge Constabulary keeping your hedgerows safe!
  10. Well we are having a plague of sickle crime in the countryside.. still Cambridge Bobbies must be congratulated on keeping our inner cities safer from knife wielding gangs... :roll:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What a bunch of cr@p.

    He's being targetted because the police and CPS still have a hard-on for him.
  12. It does look that way. I am not ruling out stupidity though.
  13. Balls; he was pulled over because he didn't wear his seat belt.
    Check reveals murder/manslaughter conviction.
    Plod found sharp cutty thing.
    "Explain why you have this please, sir".
    He explained, he walked some time later.
    No story.
  14. I think it's a bit early to 1st parade the bus.

    I'd be interested in the circumstances in which the (believed to be) farm sickle was found. It could all be innocent, and the OB were a bit OTT (not outside the realms of possibility) or he could be out to cause damage with it as he still has a "hard-on" for gypsies.

    I can't imagine a whole constabulary being out to get him because he once shot a burgling gypsie though. That's tin foil hat stuff.

    Sensationalist headlines such as "Vigilante Farmer" don't help either. It makes him sound like Charles Bronson's character from the death wish movies but armed with an assortment of agricultural tools instead of a handgun.

    edited to add.

    Just read the whole report. It was NFA'd so his excuse, having been found reasonable, was valid.

    Some-one put the bus back in the garage.
  15. Exactly. There was a program on last night about the Martin case. One of the Plods involved was interviewed, and kept crying about the "Sixteen year old child who had been murdered" and how the original verdict should not have been changed.

    No mention of the fact that if he and the rest of his Farce had done their fcuking jobs right, Pikies would not have been breaking into farmhouses in the first place! :x

    Martin is a few cans short of a six-pack, but the only thing he is GUILTY of is poor drills: he should have slotted all three, cut up the bodies and fed them to his Rotties. :twisted: