Vigil for squares dead pigeons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. A group fighting to save the remaining pigeons in Trafalgar Square are to hold a candlelight vigil for the 2,500 birds it claims have starved to death.
    Earlier this month, the Pigeon Action Group (PAG) said post-mortem tests showed the animals were starving.

    It said a ban on feeding the pigeons, introduced by London Mayor Ken Livingstone in 2003, was to blame.

    A spokesman for the Greater London Authority (GLA) said measures to reduce pigeon numbers were humane.

    PAG will hold the vigil on the north terrace of the square at 1200 GMT on Tuesday lighting candles for the 2,500 birds it claims have starved to death.

    Empty gizzards

    In October PAG sent five dead pigeons found in the square to the Veterinary Laboratories Agency's laboratories in Suffolk.

    It found them to be in "poor bodily condition" and said the "gizzard of all birds was empty".

    It became illegal to feed birds in the main square in 2003, but a loophole allowed protesters to continue to feed pigeons and other birds on the north terrace.

    This loophole was closed by Westminster City Council in September and since then pigeon numbers are thought to have dropped to between 300 and 400.

    Homing instinct

    PAG claims that in 2002 a flock of about 4,500 birds occupied the square.

    Julia Fletcher of PAG said: "While the mayor is reporting that the programme to reduce the birds is working well, the reality is that these birds have been subjected to a long, agonising death by starvation."

    She said the birds' homing instinct meant they would not go elsewhere for food and the group wants a designated feeding area set up in the square.

    A spokesman for the GLA said: "The measures to reduce the feral pigeon population in Trafalgar Square and make the square more pleasant and hygienic for public use have been done in a humane way."

    Hope the "PAG" didnt read this: they would be very upset, surely if the flying rats were in distress the RSPCB would be involved, pigeons are and always will be vermin, end of!
  2. So what would the Gestapo do to me if I was to be caught feeding these creatures? Not that I want to feed them, just annoy the Nazis.
  3. Fuck, do these people really not have anything better to do? :?
  4. flying rats. Apparently their shoite destroys buildings.

    Can think of better ways to humanely reduce pigdepop rather than starvation though. Unfortunately there would then be complaints about a pigeon airgun massacre

    Don't know who'd get plinked first though red ken or these halfwit protesters.

    And there's babies starving in the world, catch pigeons and send them to africa along with all the grain members of the public are using to feed said flying rats, problem solve,

    theGimp for mayor
  5. Apparently not, I suspect they are the sort of people who while running around Trafalgar Square shouting "Save the pigeons, their dying" fail to notice or choose to ignore the old homeless bloke (how many ex servicemen are homeless or tramps?) sat a few feet away.
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I was in Whitehall the other day and took a bimble up to Trafalgar Square as I had nothing better to do. I was actually quite surprised not to see any pigeons and the place was all the more nicer for it.

    These people need to get a touch of reality. I mean FFS, they're pigeons not some sort of higher being that drifts about spouting philosophical nuggets or writing the latest poetic opus. Knobheads. Where I live, there are hundreds of grey squirrels that will nick anything if you let them. I take great great delight in mowing down the little fcukers and feeding them to my Spaniel. Will I go to hell do you think?
  7. Forastero, you are a member of Arrse and as such you are already hellbound. Its in the Arrse TACOS...

    So these pigeons are being starved to death.... by the same people who decided that Foxes were harmless and should be allowed to roam free? Urban folk eh..
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Should have sold "driven pigeon shooting" complete with beaters and a "gamekeeper" to the septic and jap tourists - perhaps with air rifles to make it more sporting. :twisted:
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    HMMMMMmmmm Perhaps they should sue Ken, I hope Boris doesnt repeal the bylaw.
  10. Here in 'carrot crunchville' I shoot at least 15 per week. We have lot of 'flying rat' pie in these parts...done right...v. get so bored of pheasant....or is it peasant..??.. oh well...!!!
  11. town pigeon for food don't think so
    down here we have seagulls vicous buggers an unedible
    though did get a laugh new build of flats near seafront roof terrace seagull thinks idea place to build nest
    fatbloke objects buys airsoft sawn off shotgun thing well it did'nt have a stock and I could'nt here it across the road shoots at sea gull seagull goes ballistic
    bloke flees indoors :twisted: