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Evening Chaps and Chapesses,

Simple question, how do the army view completion of an HND at "A" Grade, will it suffice to satisfy the unwritten rule that all young guns have to have been through Higher education? Is anything other than a degree exceptable, should I hang on another year and go onto uni to graduate?

How do the army view Higher National Diplomas in relation to potential officers?

P.S it's an HND in Legal Services, and I already possess 3 highers at B.


There is no unwritten rule that all officers will be graduates, it's a creeping tendency. However, the more mature you are, generally, the better you come across at AOSB. I was a much, much better person (albeit slightly dimmer - might have been causal) at 21 than at 17. Mind-you, I been through a couple of wars in the mean time (three if you count that girls' school finishing ball.)

HND - it's not a degree, it won't get you seniority, it wouldn't, in a relevant subject, get you into one of the technical corps . But you seem to want to join the Royal Regiment not AGC(ALS), so I don't think it's going to matter.

Personally, another year at Uni for, what, 3 years seniority and the money that brings? There are plenty of people who will say that the extra years as a platoon level officer are worth going in at 18 but you're not in that position. I'd do the extra year ...
Yes indeed, another 12 months studying seems a small price to pay in relation to the benefits.

How common is it for officers to merely possess HND's?
hogspawn said:
a degree could help you learn to spell 'acceptable' ;)
oh my, I could take the easy way out and edit it, but I wont, so my mongness is on display to all.

It's been a long day....

Thank you for the input "mucker"
gunnerfalkey said:
How common is it for officers to merely possess HND's?
Apart from guys who've come from tech corps and have them rather than degrees ('cause that's what was on offer when they went through the relevant course)?

Relatively uncommon to actually have an HND (most who have higher education quals from before they joined will have a degree) but quite a lot will (even now) not possess anything above Higher / A-Level.

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