Views on this please chaps

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by suits_U, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. This is a video I have made as part of a presentation for the old and bold at my local RBL.
    The presentation is not for a while so I have plenty of time to make changes and to make the other videos.
    All comments are very much welcomed be it good or bad :D

    Many thanks to RFUK and Fallschirmjager who have helped enormously.

  2. Nice - B&W is always more "atmospheric".
  3. very nicely put together.
  4. I like it. Soundtrack is also good too, makes a nice change!

    Good work!
  5. very professional.
  6. Nice but could you add some of the support workers, medics, dog handlers, cooks, it's a team effort.

    edited because the brain went faster than the hand.
  7. :thumright: From TankiesYank and me.
  8. Fair one, however im finding it very difficult to source decent images that fit in well to be honest.
    If you have any then please let me know :D
    Cheers for the response so far folks.
  9. Very good.
  10. Excellent
  11. very nice, good job lads
  12. Excellent mate. I particulary liked the greyscale with part colour effect and the music was spot on! Glad i could be of help.
  13. Realy good, very well put together, the black and white works well.
    Nice One,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. Well done suits. Try using photoshop and convert from colour to black and white plus you can do shed loads with the pictures.

    Just a small point. If you are showing it to the old and bold, exactly how old? because they may have difficulty seeing the different shading on b & w even on a big screen.

    Good luck
  15. I can see where offog is coming from and agree, however I believe your intentions were to make a short video for a presentation and not something along the lines of a documentary.

    I think you got the mix spot on and I´m sure that your video will certainly touch people. I liked the whole video but was especially moved by the quote at the end.

    Well done mate :thumright: