Views on the Blackberry 10?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by JoeCivvie, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. I have a Blackberry Torch which could do with replacing. I like the phone, and it does what I want - first priority is to synch with Outlook on my PC, everything else is secondary.

    I was thinking about the Blackberry 10 - any comments on it, or suggestions for a replacement?
  2. Embrace your inner android. Save yourself some pain.
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  3. Buy a Nexus 4 and go Sim only. Great reviews, competes very well with iPhone and Samsung at half the price.
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  4. I'd use two empty cans and some string rather than have a blackberry again.
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  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I liked mine........although the firm itself may be in some diff's. A look there might be advisable.

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  6. AAGF


    I dumped a med-high end Curve (8900) to go Android (Sammy G S3) no regrets whatever ...
  7. Only ever had issues with my past 3 Blackberries. Swapped to iPhone for a few years before recently acquiring the Samsung GS4 - fantastic phone and finishes miles ahead of the competition in my eyes.
  8. Good as BB10 is (IMO) you should bear in mind that BlackBerry, as a company, is circling the drain. One industry analyst (on TV today talking about the MS/Nokia deal) gave RIM 6 months.

    Leaving Blackberry out, my advice is buy anything except an iPhone. iPhones, and the whole Crapple "experience" are shite. And expensive shite at that.
  9. With Nokia selling out to Microsoft, it's only a matter of time before Blackberry go to the wall. They've been up that famous Indian-decorated creek for about the same length of time.

    Embrace your inner Android.
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  10. I find that surprising considering the amount of corporate sales Blackberry achieves - the curve appears to be the work phone of choice.

    Even I've been chucked one and the ******* things have been designed around thumbs.
  11. I'd disagree about apple, but it isn't for poor people.

    Stay away from HTC, even if their phones have improved, their customer service is uber ****.
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  12. I've got a BB for work & iPhone 4S as a pers phone. Love the iPhone and tolerate the BB.

    FWIW, a good mate of mine is very high up in Rim & he isn't worried. They are a very cash-rich phone and beating Apple, Samsung etc in the corporate stakes, which apparently is where the big money is.

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  13. They've been treating corporate sales as a loss-leaders for a fair old time, chucking cheap multiphone packages at networks in the hope of tying companies in to their technology. They've not realised that since people are such phone-tarts in their personal lives this isn't such a goer as it was before since people are familiar with multiple layouts and cross-platform apps.

    The only thing stopping Android taking over the business world IMO is the Google/NSA thing but we now know that's not unique to Android while Blackberry's OS has its own problems. Technologicly speaking, the two are horses of entirely different colours but Blackberry's business strategy has sucked of late.
  14. I loved all 3 of my Blackberries over 5 years worth of contracts. They were solid and reliable. I eventually gave into the android in the form of a samsung note 2 after recognizing that Blackberry were light years behind the competition. While I do love the samsung though, I do miss the little dependable BB.
    I think that Nokia will be 1 to watch now that ms have (eventually) took the plunge. It's a move that they should have made years ago.

    Edited to add that actually I had a BB storm 2 once and that was shit if I'm honest, designed to go against the iphone and failed miserably.
  15. They're popular for large business and government because their security offerings are much better than what anyone else is selling. If you run your own server (which the larger customers do), the NSA and GCHQ can't read your messages unless they show up at your door and demand them from you. If you're an individual consumer though, then it's no different from any other phone in that respect. Blackberry owns loads of major patents on modern high end cryptography methods (even the NSA licenses from Blackberry to use in their own stuff).

    The new Blackberries use a completely different operating system than the old ones and they're really not comparable. So far as the old ones go, you either loved them or hated them. I think the difference in opinion had a lot to do with what you used your phone for. People comparing the old models to a newer smart phone (iPhone, Android) are comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended).

    Everyone that I know who has tried one of the new ones say they're a really nice phone, and most say they are as good as or better than an iPhone. I don't know if being good is enough to be successful however. Personally though, I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a phone (of any brand).

    While we're on the topic, Windows Phone and Nokia seem to be circling the drain. I won't be surprised to see Microsoft dump Windows Phone, and Nokia either switch to putting out Android phones like everyone else, or simply go out of business.

    I think that Android has 75% of the world market for a reason.
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