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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gjs12, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Any serving members of 4 para or ex members that can give me more of an insight than the web page thanks
  2. Like what?
  3. Generally what it's like/ how they compare to other ta units/ opportunities to go on ops/ how the regs view them
  4. They're the best TA infantry Bn out there. Some of my best soldiers were/are from 4 PARA. Only ever had one mong from them attached to me on Telic 1.
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  5. What he said. Doubtless the Duke will be along shortly and anwser your questions.
    It isn't Mr Benn there so if you just want to dress up join the RLC
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  6. I might do the same if it sounds any good. Army paras is pretty sweet, but I doubt the TA will be the same... >.> not sure.
  7. Brilliant. Haven't you got some homework you should be doing?
  8. Afraid not, HATERS:






  9. ******* right, RETARD!
  10. I think Sudoku is much better, mainly because it is usually composed by someone with
    at least a modicum of intelligence.
  11. Come out with bollocks like that if you get though the selection process and I'll guarantee you a fair few filling's in.
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  12. Cheers! Just going to go and lick some more morrisons windows...BRB
  13. I'll give it a go
  14. I prefer solitare to be honest, grants me much more entertainment while i sit alone doing my daily window licking...