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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Logan89, May 4, 2008.

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  1. I was just wondering what peoples basic views of america are? I wasent really talking about the Iraq war and stuff like that but just the overall view of the country.
  2. Arrogant wnakers but good people none the less,most hated nation on earth, same boat as us, majority have good morals,values lead by muppets.

  3. By "america" I presume you mean the United States of America.
    Its a vast country which is probably more ethnically, culturally and socially diverse than any other nation.
    For every American who fits a common social stereotype, you'll find ten who don't.
    I like the states, they're not all dumb Virginian rednecks, loudmouthed Texan braggards or fat Mississippi inbreds.
  4. ...and since I live amongst them, I have to say that even the redneck, inbreds braggards have their uses. I spent yesterday (Kentucky Derby day) sucking down mint juleps like there was no tomorrow. Even in The South there are elements of civilisation still to be found.
  5. I live there, and there are some good, some bad, some nice, some cnuts etc etc.

    It's like a big version of Withernsea, but without the Woolworths.
  6. With admittedly few exceptions, I have found most Americans to be welcoming and pleasant, albeit rather out of touch with events outside of the US.

    As for the country, varied, generally interesting and I have enjoyed my business and social trips enormously. Not sure I would enjoy myself as much without having a few $ in my pocket, mind you.
  7. The mong to ordinary person ratio is about the same as the rest of the world; being a country with a bizarrely partial and over-developed media it just feels like there's more of them; mongs like watching the idiot's lantern so they're disproportionately well represented on it. I refuse to blame a nation's pop. for being poorly informed; that's the federal government's fault for not educating worth a damn. Intelligent Design? Stick it up your hoop.
  8. QED. The Kentucky Derby and mint juleps are exceedingly civilised, dontchaknow. :)
  9. One quick corollary- it depends entirely on how many you've had.
  10. And don't forget, how many the topless girls running by have had.

    Did you go infield? That's where the most interesting "views" of the race are.
  11. May I refer you to some wise words in my signature block :D
  12. Personally, I like most Americans & think the USA is a marvellous country: may be biased because quite a lot of my family are Americans, and there was a time when I seriously considered "going Yank" too.

    My nephew is the most recent family member to cross the Pond - needs to "grow" his business, and in his line of work the USA is the place to be. He's in Colorado & loving it - great scenery/ climate; wide open spaces & mountains; friendly people; very easy business environment with plentiful skilled workers to hire who have a great work ethic/ "can do" attitude. The only gripe is the lack of regular public transport. That aside, everything is pretty good - he's bought twice the house for half the money that would be possible in the UK; food, consumer goods, and petrol ("gas") are pretty cheap, and he's already experienced American healthcare - and found it excellent, and affordable when considering that he's paying - by UK standards - really low taxes. That said, of course, the public transport isn't great because there isn't tax revenue to fund it.

    Ref healthcare: he dislocated his shoulder skiing - he's had a weakness there for years, but one the British NHS regarded as low priority; endless waiting etc etc.. The American ER doc sorted out the immediate problem, and he saw a specialist the next day - immediate MRI scan etc, and had surgery to fix the shoulder a month later at a time of his convenience. He was impressed. Health insurance covered the lot no problem.

    Yes, he's young, generally fit/ healthy, and relatively wealthy. But his girlfriend's parents, who live in Iowa, are not, and each has had serious health problems recently - heart disease, cancer. Both sorted in the minimum time possible - the father had heart by-pass surgery as soon as he was deemed medically stable/ able to withstand it. In the UK this simply would not happen unless you were in immediate danger of dying. I repeat, these are not wealthy people; just ordinary "blue collar" Americans, and yet they haven't been bankrupted by their healthcare needs, nor denied the necessary care. Seems that when we Brits hear about the "nightmare of American healthcare", we're not told the whole story.

    Back on main topic - I think most Brits have a generally positive view of the USA: it's our favourite holiday destination for a start, and hundreds of thousands of us choose to live there. Like many Britons, I'm not particularly impressed by the present lot in Washington, but then that's a view shared by more than a few Americans too!
  13. Sad. That really is you in the box in your avatar :roll:
  14. I hate Them and the Place.
    Been here for 11 years. Great Weather, more Money, cheap (still prices), homes at affordable rates. Very low Taxation, compared to the UK.
    The People are not the Dullards they would have you think either, much the same mix as elsehwere. As others have said, many Americans are not too well informed about the World beyond the USA, but then is the average Chav' a USI member?