Viewing a Vista HDD on a Windows 7 laptop

My graphics card has given up the ghost on my desktop but I wasn't really using that much anyway though I have loads of music on the HDD. I had a SATA/USB connector so have removed the HDD from the desktop but I can't view the files on the drive. When I try to access the HDD it asks me to format the drive.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get around this?

Is it the graphics car on the motherboard? If not, has your motherboard got an organic graphics card you could use? If so, you can drop all your files and then mag to grid.

You could connect the old HDD in lieu of the Lappy one. It could work, but may not, and drop all the files on to a USB HDD.

Failing that, find someone who is willing to let you swap HDDs in a simiar Desktop and drop as above.

Or you'll need a 'dooberyjig'... forget what they are called, but a bit of software/usb hardware that allows you to plug in to your old HDD and read the files/ignore the boot up bits.

I've got one upstairs, but no box... i'll cast around the t'interweb.
Vista and 7 use the same filesystem, so you shouldn't have this problem. In disk management, does it show the files system as "RAW"?
Yes mate - says RAW on disk management.
That's not a good sign. You didn't take the drive out while the machine was running by any chance? Or did anything else break when the graphics card went, power surge or anything like that?
Nope everything was fine. The machine would boot up fine in safe mode
You get a RAW filesystem listed when there isn't a filesystem. The files are still there, but there isn't a way to get to then - like loosing the File Allocation table, but moreso. It ususally happens when the first part of the drive with all the information as to what is where is damaged in someway,normally a power surge or unplugging a hot drive.

Try Raw Recovery: Recover files from Raw Partitions, Hard Disk Drive, Memory card, SD Card. Raw File System Recovery Software. to get them back

Or borrow a graphcs card from somewhere, boot up the vista box and copy the stuff off.
There are several programs (doubtless some for free) that will go through the disc & rebuild the FAT, boot sector etc.

You weren't using encryption I hope.
No encryption - just need to get all my ebooks, music & porn back!
I'd be very surprised if putting it back on the old box would work, but you did say that it would boot up in safe mode, so worth a try

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