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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdt_parker, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. hi guys, could anyone tell me what the feelings towards the staffords are please and if other regiments dont like them can you tell me why, the reason for me asking this is because at cadets i said i wanted to join the staffords and then everyone just gave me a dirty look.
    thanks for replies
  2. Why not ask the people who gave you the dirty look, they'll know after all (unless it was a case of 'you, you tw@t, you'll neer last 5 minutes in the Staffords you bone idle lazy little tyke!)
  3. i did ask but they wouldnt tell me and they just laughed(and i aint bone idle(thats if you were saying i am, i'm not quite sure))
  4. Well, if your friends wont tell you, then you probably are!
  5. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    A good Line Inf, Armoured Regt. Recently had a good tour in Iraq and are likely to return soon.

    My 1st Pl Sgt serves with them now, and he was an absolute star. If you're from the N Midlands, you'll be fine.

    Now get down to the Careers Office - your country needs you! :)

  6. Serious face on.

    There could be many reasons. Local rivalry is one. You haven't mentioned what cap badge you wear. If it's not Staffords, then you shouldn't be so surprised.

    Having said that, it's your future career and what capbadge you wear as a cadet should have no bearing on your regiment or corps of choice.

    Serious face off.

    Staffords! (sniggers)
  7. I would hurry up and join - at 150 under-strength and falling fast, they need every recruit they can get.
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I wouldn't worry yourself overly. If you are in the cadets, the STAFFORDS will, sadly, have ceased to exist by the time you are old enough to join them. They will become part of the Mercian amalgamation next year. 302 years of county identity down the drain. If anything, you will be looking towards joining 3 MERCIAN, but as the guts of them will be STAFFORDS for a few years anyway, you could do an awful lot worse!
  9. thanks for the replies guys, i would join now but i am only 15, army careers said visit the afco in february for september intake into harrogate, i just need to get my fitness up then i think i will be ready when im 16.
  10. Alrite mate as a serving STAFFORD I can tell you that we are well respected by the rest of the Infantry, The people who sneered were proberly remf bastards who have never had a contact and couldnt tell you what a section attack was but look down on us regardless.

    We came back from al amarah in Ocotober and are going back out on Telic 9 this October coming,Im going to canada on Tuesday for 6 weeks as well so recently we have been busy but the pace will slow down when we get back from Iraq again.

    If you have any questions mate bout joining then feel free to ask and Ill do my best to help,But as Im going away will be slow replying but I will get back to you.
  11. there good have served with them amongst other ai inf and they better than most others been with
  12. Good regt - unpretentious, down to earth & friendly. Get the job done with minimal fuss, and (showing my age!) NEVER FORGET that "Hissing Sid" is a Stafford knot!

    Join them - you won't regret it.

  13. I spent the first half of my career in a county regiment & had the time of my life.

    Re Staffords; they were seen as a mickey mouse outfit prior to the point where they fixed bayonets & engaged in FIBUA during GW1. Anyone with the guts to do that is far from mickey mouse & the rest of us knew it!
  14. Stokies, Brummies Yam Yams and Dudley folk seeing as i come from wolverhampton i should have joined the staffords but i do drink with a lot of the lads when both our leaves coincide and they're great lads as any other inf regt is but i've found no matter who i meet from other inf regts i'm always treated with a little contempt due to being a para!!!!
  15. I was North Staffords prior to transferring to REME in 1958 ( I am left eyed and when SLR replaced .303 was not allowed to stay in Infantry) The Staffords are , like all the old county regiments, the back bone of the British Army and is as good as any other one.Go for it son you couldn't find a finer set of lads than Staffordshire Boys.