Pilots and cabin crews are turning to the internet to vent their frustration at “futile” security measures. Here are some postings from the Professional Pilots Rumour Network,

“alibaba”, Monday, 12.30: “I had a discussion with security: ‘You have a fork in your bag. We will have to take that off you.’ Would the guard help me to decide if I should use the fork as a weapon against myself, or the axe that sits beside me in the flight deck?”

“763 jock”, yesterday, 14.55: “A lady had several cases of shrinkwrapped Tropicana allowed through as it was presumably ‘stock’. She proceeded into the baggage hall where it could have been handed to an untrustworthy pilot like me.”

“A and C”, yesterday, 08.55: “The prohibition of lip balm is a real health issue to those of us who have to work in the very dry enviroment of a pressurised aircraft.”

“Halfnut”, Tuesday, 15.27: “The US system is a sitting duck. Ban anything wet on the airplane. No water bottles. No hairspray. No deodorants . . . It’s a breakthrough on the war on terror: Counter ’em with bad hygiene.”

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I really like the one about the axe and the fork!

Saludos Amigos

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