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For those who may not have seen elsewhere..



We are at the point where the grown ups should accept that there should be one Armed Force. Teeth arm may be specialised but support arms should be of one hue. Medics trained as medics deployed on warships, land operations, airbases. MP ditto...

We are wasting a shit load of money on duplication. Time to take a knife to things.


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you'ld still end up with duplication as trade skills are varied and organically grown over time to fit the bill.

you also run the risk of lowest common denominator like paras on SF selection.

I agree though that we should rebuild the forces around the navy - purely due to movement, being an island nation and them having all three arms allready. we should have had reactor powered carriers though - the fact we haven't implies they where allways looking to sell them on early as usual.

they seem to be making the usual mistake of relying on technology to replace boots on the ground, ships at sea and planes in the air - as usual we will end up having our arses handed back to us by a bunch of peasants before we sit at home and sulk.

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