Vietnamese driving ban

We should do a similar thing here.

Ban the following from driving;

1. Anyone who is obese - That will reduce the NHS budget too as the fatties will either die or get fitter.
2. Anyone has an IQ less than 100 - That should pretty much take all cars off the road in Scotland.
3. Anyone who voted for Labour in the previous two elections - That'll fcukin learn them.
4. Anyone who will vote Labour in the next election - That'll get rid of another 5 drivers.
5. Anyone on benefits. A car is a luxury and if you can afford a car, you dont need benefits.
6. People who watch/vote on Big Brother
7. Women
8. Chavs
9. Immigrants or asylum seekers - statistically, they cause 87.5% of all accidents.
10. People who buy a car in the same manner they buy a kitchen appliance - Hyundai, Kia, anything Jap or Far Eastern. Obviously driving is a chore so they can use public transport.
11. People over 70 - unless they can demonstrate that they can do a lap of Silverstone in less than 1min 50 seconds.
12. Anyone who drives a beige Rover 75 - These people should also be shot.

There. That should not only make the roads safer but also ensure that those who are made to walk or use public transport can be easily identified as one of the above.
A country full of busty Asian women on motorbikes? Don't know about road safely , but it'll do wonders for their tourist industry.

Actually , I can see this causing more traffic accidents the it solves - due to the drivers getting distracted : especially when you include the 'jiggle factor' caused by Vietnam's rather bumpy roads.
No such luck mate. Most Vietnamese girls are described as "trung op la" which basically translates as "two fried eggs!". The cosmetic effect is achieved by the almost standard use of "winter-cups!"

I think what they are trying to do is stop the use of motorbikes by pre-teens which is amazingly common in the villages. A bit like that minimum height requirement they put on rides at Disneyland etc...

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