Vietnam Vet'., needs advice.

Morning All,
Not me but someone I know here who's head is 'in a very bad place'(not 'Nam or military related), so I thought I'd ask here, ref: Anybody know of any US Service related forums such as 'ARRSE', that he could ask questions, get advice etc.
He doesn't know I'm asking and I don't want to go into details but I think any advice, etc., from his home crowd might help. As a Brit'., I can't do much except offer morale support and that's difficult due to lockdown times and he's about 3km away.
I get the impression your Embassy in D(sm)elhi doesn't seem to be of much help according to him.
I'm meeting him tomorrow so any suggestions appreciated and will be passed on. I'll also try to get him on here.
Many thanks in advance.

Forgot to add, he was US Navy.
Is it just me, or...


... Any good ???

Morning @Charlie Chuckles,
Cheers. I'ill show him this thread including @BuckFelize reply:), which I'm sure he'll genuinely find funny. He's been here since January and almost gets the Brit'., self-deprecating, piss-taking, dark humour. He's also started using 'w@nker' a lot and I'm slowly convincing him that 'cvnt' is ok to use in everyday conversation and polite society:).

E2a: It's not a medical issue per se but every little helps and I think he'll be better off getting an American perspective, rather than from a piss-taking Brit'.,

E2a again: Just to clarify. The "piss-taking Brit'.,' was a reference to myself but now it will include any replies like @BuckFelize:salut:
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