Vietnam: The Soldiers Revolt


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What an odd time to bring up an old story like this – even if it is ‘interesting’. You are presumably trying to establish some sort of spurious linkage between what (allegedly) happened there and then, with what is happening in Iraq now (with the US and British Army?) Well, keep on looking for parallels but you stand no chance whatsoever. I have seen this myth of the US Army 'collapse' comprehensively debunked several times, and could find you Chapter and Verse if I can be bothered - but why should I? You wouldn't read it, and obviously can't be arrsed to look it up for yourself.

I’ve not seen such crud in an article since I last looked at the DPRK website! Anything that contains such gems as “The army revolt was a class struggle that pitted working-class soldiers against officers” and “the unity of white and Black working-class soldiers whose upsurge shook U.S. imperialism” deserves to get treated like the Spartist nonsense it is.

You lost the cold war. Marxism has never worked, and never will. Pish off, Journo, and try somewhere else.
Agree with the comment that this posting is pish. Just out of interest, there is a possible connection with the British Army. The Vietnam situation was heavily propagandised in BAOR by the Americans. This came to notice at HQ BAOR in '69 just about the time they had a flap about REME guys (From Munster?) being lured to civvy parties where soft drugs and cannabis were offered. There was promise of bigger and better parties/drugs/girls in Holland and a number of the REME went awol to Holland. Real intention, according to Int, was to get details of Chieftain tank.
Dutch had a blind-eye policy to run aways who were mainly Yank but if a Brit caused a problem they would put him onto the UK ferry – giving us a DTG for the boat. We arrested the guy as the boat docked. Interrogation of some established the interest in the tank. The Big House came to the conclusion that officers and SNCO needed instruction re drugs; how to recognise a user etc. There was evidence of junior rank and file using in Germany and UK.
They set up a Drugs Road Show. DALS officer, RAMC medic and me as sybill. We all brushed up our knowledge and hit the road. Presented to CO, officers and SNCOs. Showed tablets – prescription and LSD, burned cannabis so they got the smell and showed one of the less dramatic US Army movies. Great success. Show demanded by wives clubs so they might know about the elder dependants.
The Road Show caused the German police to sit up and look around when we gave them evidence of what went on in some of the clubs. They knew it was there but had failed to appreciate how widespread it all was.
So – next time you are peeing into bottle on that snap visit, think back to Vietnam.
eh, journo, grow up and take your prozac m8, its just an old story i came across no need to get para-noid :lol:
Assumeing the artical is 'facts' I was suprised to see how few Draftees their where in US forces.
I have know many US ex servicemen and 99% said they where drafted, only two a Navy Pilot and a former Green Beret 'Top Kick' had joined up as a vol.
As for a Soldiers Revolt in Brit Army well yes, according to some sources and folks opinions, Brit troops may be "Revolting" but their Loyalty to Crown and Country goes without question.
Alawys did always will.

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