Vietnam: The Australian War by Paul Ham

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Invicta, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. I'm thinking of buying 'Vietnam: The Australian War' by Paul Ham and added it to my amazon wish list this afternoon (I got a nice shiny kindle for Christmas!). I've read Ham's book on Kokoda and thought it was excellent, is his Vietnam book worth buying or are there better books available on the Australian commitment in Vietnam?
  2. Sorry, cant think i've ever seen anything on the Aussies, all seems to be about USA and earlier Involvement with the Frogs at Diem Bhen Phu until 1954.
  3. No worries. I've read a few books about the French in Indochina and can recommend 'Street Without Joy' by Bernard Fall and 'The Last Valley' (can't remember the authors name).
  4. Invicta...Why the interest in the Aussies anyway?
  5. Depends on what sort of genre re Vietnam ie official history or personal accounts.

    On the personal accounts I reccomend the following:

    In Good Company: One mans war in Vietnam by Gary McKay (excellent junior officer reading)
    Sleeping with your ears open by Gary McKay (Australian SAS soldiers tell their own story of the actions they experienced in Borneo and Vietnam.)

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  6. If yot want a good read about Vietnam, then I can highly recommend this, Fortunate Son by Lewis B. Puller he saw service with USMC as a Platoon Leader until he stepped on a mine. It won a Pulitzer prize and details his life as an U.S Department of Defence Attorney after med discharge until he blew his head off. In fact google it when you can and have a look mate.
  7. This is one of the best books on Diggers in Vietnam.

    THE TEAM - Australian Army Advisers in Vietnam 1962 - 1972
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  8. Thanks everyone for your replies, I will have a look at your recommendations.

    Rock Ape, I read a lot of general history and military history. I do like reading about areas of military history that don't involve the British Army as I've been through a LOT of books involving us. This has led me to read about the French in Indochina & Algeria, the Finns and the 'winter war', the 30 years war, the northern crusades, the list goes on.

    My interest in non-US participation in Vietnam was sparked after talking to one of my Mum's NZ relatives who served there.
  9. Fair enough mate, keep me posted with how you get on, if you get stuck PM me and i'll have a sniff about for ya.
  10. 'Vietnam: The Australlian War' is the best history of the Australian involvement in Vietnam that I've read. It's the only one which comes even close to giving an overall viewpoint and which makes clear the many problems the Aussie soldiers had to cope with, especially the ones caused by their own Army.
  11. Agreed - I've got Paul Ham's book and it was a very good primer and an easy read - Certainly the best place to start that I've seen before delving into more specific accounts.
  12. Try "The battle of Long Tan". Can't remember the author. Very good read about one of the biggest battles Oz fought over there.