Vietnam offers navy base to foil China

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. Charlie do surf!

    Foreign navies are to be given access to Vietnam's Cam Ranh Bay, a naval stronghold that was a key Cold War outpost that is now emerging as a vital base to counter Chinese dominance of the South China Sea

    in full

    Vietnam offers navy base to foil China - Telegraph

    A very interesting pressure point on PLAN's ambitions and one that the US would be wise to look at.
  2. The Vietnamese are very crafty, they used the Russians to keep the Americans at bay during the Vietnam war, but didn't want to come under Soviet influence. Now they seem to want to use anyone and everyone to keep the Chinese at bay. There is of course no love lost between the two countries.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I was banging on on another thread a while back about the South China Sea. Odd bits of rock that nobody needed to bother about before are now much more significant. In China's view might is right.
  4. Will they tell us where the sandbanks are?
  5. We can always sell them an aircraft carrier
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I wonder how the Chinese would fare . . . .
  7. Interesting notion. We've already been there courtesy of the government of the Republic of South Vietnam. I don't know if we want to go back at the invitation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (who kicked us out) just to checkmate the Chinese but maybe there would be some interest in going back in with the Russians as a joint venture. Our plate is already quite full. :eye: The purple-lipped One is now doing another apology tour of Asia (at considerable tax-payer expense I might add) so maybe the Vietnamese should put a word into Hillary's califlower-like ear. :muhaha:
  8. Surfs and has an internationalist sense of humour.

  9. Oh! Goody goody! We shall be able to berth all our aircraft carriers in Cam Ranh Bay.

    What was that? We don't have any aircraft carriers - well b*gger me!

    I was certain that the cretinous and oaf-like misfit, Gordon Brown, said he had ordered two.

    What was that?

    The Second in Command of the company building these 'non' ships has resigned because he opines that the whole dishonest pantomime will lead to 'disaster'; and he predicts that Britain will become a 'laughing stock' Bit late for that prediction Sir, we have been a 'laughing stock' ever since we sacked Mrs. Thatcher as the 'boss'.
  10. Their navy's won silver the last few times it went up against PLAN, so they're under no illusions about their ability to dispute affairs on their own. However, I doubt they think any of the hosted vessels will come leaping to their aid if they have another bash - I wonder what they think this will achieve in terms of either encircling China or breaking a Chinese encirclement.
  11. As much as I love going for Pho, they can go f*ck themselves in my opinion. They wanted the US out, we should stay out and the peoples navy can have at it with the Chinese.

    Was I too subtle?
  12. No need to wonder - they staged a full-on invasion in 1979, not long after the Viets ousted their boy Pol Pot from Cambodia. Withdrew after trashing the border areas, claimed victory but failed either do retain a foothold in Vietnam or force a Vietnamese withdrawal from Cambodia.

    The Vietnamese made good use of all the artillery the Americans had kindly left behind, IIRC.
  13. You're not wrong given the number of C-17 transport airplanes supporting this circus at my local air base here in Thailand.

    I bet the massage parlours have doubled their prices in Pattaya this week.
  14. File this under the dumb cracker school of Foreign Policy. And I do mean JFK rather than LBJ and Nixon.

    China is historically Vietnam's enemy numero uno. Now the whole grand strategic US shebang is contracting rapidly away from and the Atlantic and the Persian Gulf to the seas of the new Great Game around the coming powers of India an China. What DC has in its old enemy Vietnam is a natural South Asian allay to balance against its current frenemy China. A less parochial leadership might have have recognized this back in 56, 48 or even 1919 amidst all that pious 14 points gibberish.
  15. Where do you get the "us", white man?