Vietnam Memorial Facts

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if this has been around before but I just got it from one of my corporals from 42 years ago who still considers me "his officer" and i honor him by posting it.

    Semper Fi Dan Davis, Corporal of Marines

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  2. Lest We Forget.
  3. I have visit the memorial on every trip I have made to DC since the monument was built. There is really something very beautiful and moving about it. The father of a good friend is listed on the wall.

    It is amazing that the architect, Maya Lin, was a 21 year old student, studying for he B.Arch. at Yale when she won the competition to design the memorial. Amazing vision for a young woman.
  4. Fitzgibbon was certainly not the first 'known' casualty, the first known casualty was Dewey killed by the Viet Minh in 1945, followed by the combat deaths of McGovern and Buford in 1954. Lest we forget.
  5. I believe that there are two Brits remembered on there too. Like Rick Rescorla and a few others, they joined the US army and fought in VN.
  6. I'd be very surprised if Rescorla was listed. But I would be very interested to know if someone has compiled a list of the Brits that are?
  7. Indeed.

    By coincidence a friend and former neighbour of ours (in UK) is a Chinese lady who was a lifelong friend of Linn's mother. If memory serves me, they were classmates at Smith College (somewhere I'm certain you'll be familiar with)

    After we had spoken to our friend after visiting the wall, she mentioned two things that have stuck in memory.

    One was that Linn's tutor had tried to persuade her not to enter the competition saying that her design lacked merit and therefore little chance of winning (despite him having entered the competion himself). Fortunately she persevered and submitted.

    Secondly, that Linn is extremely modest about her achievement, preferring to be judged by the overall quality of her work rather than a one-off.

    Of course there maybe an element of family legend in the above but I prefer to believe that its true.
  8. The gallant Rescorla died in the 9/11 attack in NYC saving people of the company he was head of security for. Since he did not die in Vietnam he would not be on the wall.
  9. JJH - I remember a there was a public movement trying to get a MoH awarded to Rescorla for his actions on 9/11.
    Was it sucsessful? Or was it not considered due to his not being in service at the time, and was he given another medal/award instead (the UK would not issue a VC for this but a GM instead as a 'member of the public' type medal).

    Sorry to take the thread off subject, and thanks for posting the original email.
  10. I am unaware of that but the MOH would not be possible since he was not serving at the time.
  11. Also one of my former colleagues in the Northern Rhodesia Police in the early 60's!
    Prior to the NRP he had been in the Parachute Regiment. Was awarded the Silver Star whilst in the US Army in Vietnam prior to becoming a VP of Security for Morgan Stanley in the WTC!

    see here :-
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  12. As I write this there is a huge and I mean humongous firework display taking place from Danang beach and being broadcast live on Vn TV. Countries represented there are Vietnam, USA, Australia, Korea, Russia, China and several others.This is not a victory celebration as such, but a commemoration and some of the music accompanying the displays is very sad and thought provoking.

    In memory of all who were killed during that terrible war.
  13. I visited the memorial in 84, before the statue had been erected, it is a very restrained and dignified edifice, I intend no offence when I say I found it to be un-American in that respect. Also the people there were quiet and thoughtful.

    There was at least one Union Jack in the ground before it. Also an MIA stand with some veterans who I chatted with for a while.

    Rick Rescorla was mentioned in the book of the battle of La Drang, but airbrushed out of the film, I don't think Mr Gibson likes the Brits much.

    I'm glad I visited it.
  14. That is why I will not see the film since as anyone reading the book will see how pivotal a role then 1stLt Rescorla played in the Ia Drang fight. I do not think it hyperbole to suggest that battle could well have ended in a crushing defeat were it not for his presence of mind and courage to run full speed through heavy fire to provide critical leadership to the rear of the column that was effectively cut in half by the ambush.

    IMHO he deserved at least the DSC.
  15. Each time I that I have been in Washington D.C. I have ensured that I have visited the Vietnam Memorial - it is quite simply a truly humbling piece of public sculpture which honours the dead and comforts the living. For me, at least, the symbology of the three soldiers emerging, as if from a jungle clearing, and encountering the memorial is deeply moving.