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Can anyone else remember a [i think channel 4] documentary, possibly arena or some such arty-farty series, called 'Letters home from Vietnam'?

It would have been late eighties/early nineties, and format was famous actors reading actual letters from those at the front, against a backdrop of news footage and period music.

The reason I ask is that Mrs Vanguard has consigned the video player to history, and I need to source a DVD of said documentary. Any help would be appreciated, and I recommend anyone who gets the chance, to watch it.

An excellent documentary (if it can be called that). All being well, I will be at the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC this December and really looking forward to seeing it.

Just obtained a copy of this...awesome.

Recomended viewing for anyone with a passing/avid interest on the effect of warfare on the individual.


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This was repeeated on one of the Sky channels last year.
Excellent program.

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