Vietcong Assassins still looking for my Dad.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimpy., Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Ok I think it's relatively safe to talk about this now, but my Dad carried out a number of high profile assassinations of various Vietnamese officials whilst he served in the SAS in Nam.

    I just wondered wether any of you had any experiences of past ghosts coming back to haunt you? I think the servicemen and women of this country need greater protection against these sort of revenge attacks. I remember one night we were all seated around the dinner table, my Mum had made Bangers and Mash and 3 Vietcong assassins burst through the door wielding machetes. They ran at my father. However, because my Dad is who he is the MOD allow him to carry a 9mm around with him at all times. As the Vietcong ran towards him he whipped out the pistol and Buka, buka, buka ... three perfectly placed shots hit each of the Vietcong right between the eyes.

    We were all surprised but this was not our first experience of death and so we all gathered arms from the family armoury and waited. Alas, no more assassins came. My father went into hiding for years after this (to protect his family) as he knew that they would never stop hunting him down like a pack of dogs hunting a fox. That's why he went to live with his old Ninjitsu master deep within the mountains of Japan and perfect his unarmed combat skills. He was there for seven years, but a job came up at the Games Workshop back in England that he just couldn't refuse. So he came out of hiding and returned home. He still waits for the day that the assassins shall return. He waits ... but he is more than ready.
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