Vierdaagse, 2018

I was just wondering if anyone else is going to spend the next four days walking round in (large) circles? Referring, of course, to the Nijmegen Four-Day March.

If there is anyone in a military team reading this, probably staying in marquees on Heumensoord training-area, then I can only say that you have the hardest of the various alternate ways of doing the event! That option would also suggest that you are young and fit, so don't feel too sorry for yourselves ;)

The other options are 200km for the enthusiastic civilians, 160km for ladies and slightly less-enthusiastic civvies, and 120km for reeeeeally old civilians (the oldest being around ninety years old).

It all kicks off at 04:00 CET tomorrow.

Succes allemaal!! (Good luck everyone!)

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