Discussion in 'REME' started by Tomo9700, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi would anyone points me in the direction of some cool videos of reme in action or any links? thanks.
  2. have you tried putting REME into a search on youtube?
  3. yh ive watched all of them i think haha. ive done it on liveleak aswell.
  4. More importantly?! Why do you want to see vids of the REME working? Use your imagination.

    VMs - think of a messy quik-fit, but in green, and you're not far off it.

    Armrs - think of a prison cell, with some work benches, some weapon bits lying around, and lots of tea drinking

    Recce Mechs - imagine pie eating, coffe drinking fellas playing cards, or laying out the whole CES of a 513/Foden on the floor, and repacking it.

    Techs - think of a few Harry Potter lookalikes taking about PC World, playing with flukes, and giggling about women.
  5. But you're a failed tech aren't you smudge?!!

    Does that mean that you are a Harry Potter looking celler dweller?!
  6. (although I did fail a bit of the BE course). Shakey would always give a rugby player another go :) Retraded...yes, also possibly retarded :)

    Yup....I look just like Harry Potter ;)

    If I were potter I'd have done the decent thing, and smashed Hermoinis', or whatever her name is, backdoors in by now!
  7. Smudge

    Dont Recy Mechs get naked at every opportunity any more, never a pleasant site some lardy ass Wretched Mech doing the dance of the flaming hoop :oops:

  8. This is the normal nocturnal environment for said reccy mech....not normally during the day.
  9. Congratulations, you have now started five shit threads in the REME forum.

    What are you going to ask next? If you really want to be shot at so much I can meet you somewhere and shoot at you with an air rifle.

  10. GRRRRREAAAAT! sorry for asking questions i wont no more :( u dont have to reply if there so shite! are you really a spaz?
  11. There's nothing wrong with asking questions you skiplicker, however you could keep them in one thread, rather than starting a new one every time another gem pops into your feeble little mind. Alternatively stick to playing COD4.
  12. Aaaaah rite i catch ya drift now! i will do from now on!im slightly bored of call of duty now even though i have never bought it or owned a computer in the past 4 years...skips are nice but i prefer windows better!
  13. Yes they do Nobby me old m8
    but A mechs get caught mooning from the back of the ARV do they not?