Videos: Suicide Missions: US Army Rangers

Amazing they got out at all.

Anybody ever heard the Malay and Pak Military version? I'd be curious.

I recall UNOSOM lost something like a 100 men including a couple of dozen Pakistanis a month earlier. You never hear much about this.

I found this on a Pak military site.
This was the cause of the 5 June 93 tragedy. The Pakistani troops were asked by the United Nation Force Headquarters to carry out an inspection of the weapon storage sites of Farah Aideed, to whom the date and time of inspection had been communicated in advance. Nobody at the United Nation Force Headquarters was able to foresee his reaction and his power to arouse the feelings of his followers against those who were carrying out the inspection. Even as their colleagues were engaged in distributing food at one of the feeding points, the Pakistani inspectors were ambushed by Aideeds followers. The ambushers were using children and women as human shields to prevent being fired back while the road-blocks they had set up made Pakistanis withdrawal difficult. Though taken by surprise and totally exposed, the courageous blue beret Pakistanis fought their way back taking full care that the children and women protecting the attackers remained unharmed. In the process twenty-three Pakistanis embraced ‘Shahadat' fifty-six sustained injuries while eleven were disabled. As recovery of arms was a vital part of the peacekeeping mission, the 5th of June incident only accelerated the process of search operations in the Pakistani area of responsibility. More than ninety per cent of the searches were carried out by Pakistanis. Some of the operations were carried out by the US Quick Reaction Force, Rangers and the Italian troops. The Olympic Hotel Incident of 3rd October 1993 took place during one of these operations when 75 US Rangers got stranded and had to be rescued by a joint force of US, Pakistani and Malaysian troops. The grim battle lasted eight hours.

The US Rangers suffered 17 dead and 77 injured while one was captured by Aideed forces. The wounded were admitted to the Pakistani hospital at Soccer Stadium. Had it not been for the courage, valour and steadfastness of the Pakistani soldiers, the rescue operation could not have succeeded and the trapped US soldiers might have perished.

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Admiral Jonathan Howe and UNOSOM Force Commander, Lieutenant General Cevik Bir expressed special appreciation for Pakistani troops' determination and professionalism and thanked them for helping the US troops.

Major General Thomas M. Montgomery, Deputy Commander of the United Nations Forces in Somalia in a television interview said: “Many of the soldiers are alive today because of the willingness and skill of the Pakistani soldiers who worked jointly in a rescue operation with Malaysian and American soldiers in most difficult and dangerous combat circumstances”. He thanked the people and Pakistan Army for sending “such splendid soldiers to Somalia who we feel proud to serve with. Pakistani soldiers have been completely dependable even in the most difficult circumstances. They have shouldered a huge and dangerous load for UNOSOM and the Somali people”.
Not a fan of the Pak Military but their Smurf work is creditable.
There's unfortunately sparse details on alot of the operations of non-US troops in Somalia (though alot of Canadian academics have written on Canadas involvement). However, the record does suggest that the Pakistanis definitely earned their stripes in Somalia, and I've never heard anyone dispute it.

The Pakistanis were actually the first troops to arrive in country under UNOSOM I, before Operation Restore Hope and then the implementation of UNOSOM II.

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