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Now I'm not saying i would, but was pondering this the other day.

Is it possible to rip the streaming video somehow, so that you could save it as a stand-alone file on a computer? If so, how would one go about it?

One would go to google initially and put in the query 'ripping youtube'.

You will find various methods of doing so but you will need to download VLC media player!


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Ah yes, but could one 'theoretically' then take said video and edit it using Windows movie maker or some such.
Of course this is in theory :D
Why the fcuk would you want to use Windows Movie Maker? Mac's are far better for movie editing. Err, theoretically...


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Ach, I did theoretically do that - but did find many and various ways, and wondered what other people used and which could be, theoretically, the best! Ta!
If your using Firefox, there are several add ons's that allow you to rip video from websites where there is no download link.

This one, VideoDownloader, works on over 60 sites, including youtube.

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