Videos Of war in Bosnia

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by cable_dog, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. A few years ago I was in a mates room and he put on a Video of clips from the War in Bosnia. A u2 song was playing in the Background and I can find it now. Does anyone know what its called or one similiar I can get my hands on. ?
  2. is there a clm course on or something? so many asking for videos and presentations, check out the thread videos asking for the same thing.
  3. R Sigs "Winds of Change"
  4. I wouldn't mind a copy either, hoping to do a project on genocide next year. if you find out can you let me know how to get it also.
  5. Guys,

    If you can wait til Monday, I'm trying to get a copy of this via this thread. Hopefully I'll be able to sort it our for you.

  6. I will hazard a guess that the song was 'With or Without You'. The BBC did a video set to music for those of us on Grapple 1&2. I have 'said' video and also DVD re-write. The vid lasts about an hour. Very moving and evokes strong reactions.

    Incidently I dont recall any sigs at the school or the garage.
  7. Well they were there providing both satellite and HF comms.
  8. vitez on grapple 1 , 30 pigs!
  9. I served there in 1993 and bought a video of events that happened during my tour, and all of the footage was put to music. I will have a look and then post another reply. Regards.
  10. Cable dog its sounds like ‘Miss Sarajevo’, if the footage was shot by a guy called Bill Carter then it will be, he was / is big buddies with U2 and they gave him the track for his war footage/doccy which was 93/94. Bill was responsible for getting U2 to play in Sarajevo after dayton
  11. Saw a much shorter video in STC Theatre on Grapple 5 pre deployment, images set to Annie Lennox “WHY” only lasted the length of the song. Very good hard hitting & thought provoking.
  12. I got given a copy on Grapple 2. It had the "winds of change" soundtrack on it. Featured a Froggie JCB driver getting killed by a sniper in Sarajevo and the attempts to revive him by his mates. Very hard hitting, like the snipers bullet, and lasted about 45 mins. As I remember I was given it by a 216 sqn guy based at Vitez in the old schoolhouse funnily enough!
  13. i have a few videos on genocide mostly from iraq iran war from bio warfare if thats any help pm me
  14. would they be the clips from the DNBCI course then?