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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dazzaman70, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. dazzaman70

    dazzaman70 Crow

    anybody know where i can download videos and photos of british soldiers in iraq and afgan. ive got a few but loads of sites wont let me download them.

    i need them for a training video trying to get set up for phase 2 soldiers going to their units

  2. delinquent

    delinquent War Hero

    You tube has a fair few if you search about, I know there was some 3 para and other arms videos. Too many to list!
  3. Lance_Bombardier

    Lance_Bombardier Old-Salt

  4. dazzaman70

    dazzaman70 Crow

    thnx v much Lance, works great. had download vlc player. it only plays them in a certain format tho. do u know how to change them to avi? no settings in properties to do it
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    You can do it with windows movie maker mostly. Xp and above should have it, via the accessories menu on the start menu...
  6. dazzaman70

    dazzaman70 Crow

    this is the missus now, its me sorting it out for him (just thod id let u know coz sumtimes i forget where I am and mite put a little 'x' at the end)

    we tried converting it in WMP but its not happening. WMP wont play it because its an unknown format and it wants me to download codecs. nero wont do it either. its for his works pc and for security reasons it will only play the original video files like AVI and MPEG, if u know what i dont mean lol.

    any suggestions?

  7. Lance_Bombardier

    Lance_Bombardier Old-Salt

    no idea what you are talking about, however post the links and i'll download them and email them to you if you want

  8. go to it lets you choose what format you want the you tube videos in
  9. sweatysock

    sweatysock War Hero

  10. dazzaman70

    dazzaman70 Crow

    thanks Lance but ive managed to download them using some video thingy. trying the links ev1 has sent me. if they dont work i'll let u know, cheers :)
  11. Lance_Bombardier

    Lance_Bombardier Old-Salt

    no problem mate :D
  12. dazzaman70

    dazzaman70 Crow

    the converter things are downloading them in the same format but at least its opening the videos instantly so im not having to right click and select the player. the media convert thingy is a bit faster so i'll use that. thanks every1 for ur help, much appreciated!! :) Kaz