Videos: A BBC series on the D-Day & landing on Utah beach.

Here are links to a BBC series on the D-Day and the landing on Omaha beach. It does a good job (IMO) of showing the role of the 2nd & 5th Ranger BN's on that day. It is a six part series on you-tube.

(Note: Mistake in title, it should read Omaha Beach.)

Part #1

Part #2:

Part #3:

Part #4:

Part #5:

Part #6:
That looks extremely interesting, Trippy. Thanks for posting it. I'd always assumed that just about every aspect of the D-Day landings had been exhaustively analysed, but it seems not.

The BBC haven't. Can't expect them to use licence-payers money to make something that can't easily be sold to America...

Timewatch's 'Bloody Omaha' sprang from the sales-pitch for the rediscovered Maisy Battery. The claim was that the 'forgotten' Maisy guns shelled Omaha and were a major factor in the difficulties V Corps faced. The snag was that this claim didn't bear close scrutiny (it gets shot down about 20min in IIRC) so the remainder of the programme was filled with a pretty standard but slightly overplayed account of the day. Though 5 Ranger Bn got off the beach, they didn't contribute a great deal to the battle for the beach because their mission was to get to Pointe du Hoc on the assumption that 2 Ranger Bn's direct assault had failed. It should be said that the elements of 2 Ranger Bn that landed to fight on Omaha beach did their bit.

Here's one we did earlier: Timewatch: Bloody Omaha

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