Videos: A BBC series on the D-Day & landing on Utah beach.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Here are links to a BBC series on the D-Day and the landing on Omaha beach. It does a good job (IMO) of showing the role of the 2nd & 5th Ranger BN's on that day. It is a six part series on you-tube.

    (Note: Mistake in title, it should read Omaha Beach.)

    Part #1

    Part #2:

    Part #3:

    Part #4:

    Part #5:

    Part #6:
  2. That looks extremely interesting, Trippy. Thanks for posting it. I'd always assumed that just about every aspect of the D-Day landings had been exhaustively analysed, but it seems not.

  3. Has anyone done anything similar for Gold, Juno or Sword or for 6th Div?
  4. The BBC haven't. Can't expect them to use licence-payers money to make something that can't easily be sold to America...

    Timewatch's 'Bloody Omaha' sprang from the sales-pitch for the rediscovered Maisy Battery. The claim was that the 'forgotten' Maisy guns shelled Omaha and were a major factor in the difficulties V Corps faced. The snag was that this claim didn't bear close scrutiny (it gets shot down about 20min in IIRC) so the remainder of the programme was filled with a pretty standard but slightly overplayed account of the day. Though 5 Ranger Bn got off the beach, they didn't contribute a great deal to the battle for the beach because their mission was to get to Pointe du Hoc on the assumption that 2 Ranger Bn's direct assault had failed. It should be said that the elements of 2 Ranger Bn that landed to fight on Omaha beach did their bit.

    Here's one we did earlier: Timewatch: Bloody Omaha