Newbie to site..
i'm looking for a video I have seen on a course recently..
its made by a british soldier I think with the most moving soundtrack and pictures/videos to go with it..
its sort of arab type music if u know what I mean and goes on for about 5 mins or so..
cant find it please if u can...
Go to the Training wing you CNUT, this is the Naafi, only stiff drinks and banter allowed here!
sprjim said:
Thats not very nice is it?
When did advice become not nice! Do me a favour and take ur stab/civvy ass out of here. The whole reason behind the Naafi is to have Banter/slaggin off/touchy subjects/let off steam. Not to hear advice/Questions/Wally ideas/Serious views. The site supports all them in different areas. This dribble just takes up valuable Naafi space!
So funk off cnut :D
sprjim said:
Stab/Civvy? Coming from a fcuking loggie!
LOL, glad you have taken time to investigate! Loggie and proud. Aint bothered looking at you previous because you don't sound too interesting! back on thread a mister. :oops:

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