video with helmet camera


I am looking to buy a portable vidio recorder with helmet camera, can´t find anything that I like (cost) I would be greatfull for advice...
thanks in advance... :D
I've got one of their HQ-1 bespoke jobbies. It's a very gucci camera, but I wouldnt want to take it out doing green stuff, cause it goes though batteries at a rate of knots, and maybe just me, but lugging dozens of batteries on top of my normal kit doesnt strike me as the best way to get the most out of life.

If however, you want to do sporty-style stuff with your camera, then that sort of thing is brill, cause you can get chargeable power supplies for them, that are bloody heavy, but of you're snowboarding/skiing/cycling etc, then that point is moot.

Remember, with the more gucci stuff, you'll need a recorder as well as the camera, cause really ony the lower-end stuff has built-in recording, which is normally to SD card.

PM me if you have any other questions about running that sort of equipment.
This takes a helmet cam and a bargain :D Clicky.
Mate picked up one of these:

Action Camera

ATC2K Waterproof Action Camera £89.95

All in one unit so no trailling wires, works off AA batts (free from man at Q&M), SD card memory, ruggedised and waterproof (ie sand proof).

He's happy enough to be using it out in the Litterbox as it's cheap enough to not worry about biffing it up.

Quality from what he's sent me so far ranges from decent mobile-phone footage (at lowest memory setting) to fairly good video camera (at highest memory setting).
I've recently bought a helmet camera from Action Cameras and although I haven't been able to really make use of it yet, I would just like to say that I was very impressed with the quality of the service I received from them.

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