Video - Welsh Cav in Iraq

Discussion in 'RAC' started by The_0ne, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Two points, that Seth Afrikan officer looks like a right chopper, secondly, See that lad do a face plant as he's about to go through the gate towards the end? Brilliant!!!!

    Cheers Easy!
  2. I thought the Zimbabwean Officer was making a bloody good point. The Lad was staying at his location because he'd been trained to "preserve the evidence" as he said. Good way to end up dead.

    I take it this went out on BBC. Hopefully plenty of folks saw it, it gave a good impression.
  3. The film was on HTV Wales a few months ago.I was in the last episode.The programme provided lots of batner for the Christmas dinner.
    As for the CO, well he is a regular on arrse.
  4. HA HA HA cannnot understand the TV people picked the biggest group of regimental knobbers to represent the regiment on TV. Ok a few of the featured lads are good boys,but come on ''the axe'' and Cur@@s what a pair of co@ks. Paveway you scivving cnut,nice tash.You were only in the Desert a few weeks.You were at BDE for most of it with your Apaches.
  5. Was the CO the Zim Officer we saw? I can't be bothered to watch the whole video again just to check his rank tab! I recall the Zim Officer was a Lt from his rank tab but I only glimpsed it and maybe I misread it. He came across as being more senior.

    Don't put his name on! Consider PERSEC before responding. Check with Good Co or Bad CO if appropriate.

    I maintain that the officer was right although I have every sympathy with the lad involved - not knowing whether to use his initiative or follow the doctrine.

    Another example of how political pressure costs lives in my view.
  6. he was a Lt Col.

    i watched few weeks back when it was on tv.

    sad to hear about the two lads being killed.

  7. Cheers for stating the obvious ex-stab.
  8. Was some of the footage mirror image filmed?
    The Para at 08:13 in part one looks quite odd with wearing his beret French wise.
  9. The para guy is part of the OPTAG team!
  10. Spook is a good bloke.

    Did time in the ranks before being commissioned and got to command the regiment. Not a bad achievement.
  12. Fair one!

    Ex STAB - Specialist subject - The bleedin' obvious :)