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Greetings, O great minds of ARRSE.

I have an MP4 recording of a concert. The video is nothing but a photo of the artist which doesn't change for the whole 2 hours plus of the concert. I want to convert it to MP3, and split the tracks so I can name them individually and play them on a basic MP3 player. Any ideas on how to do this - preferably for free?
How about super converter then audacity to split the tracks and edit ?
if it's youtube then youtube to mp3 and then audacity to split tracks
Download You Tube downloader YouTube Downloader - Software to download and convert YouTube video then use the 'convert' tab.

You can then separate the tracks apply crossfades and improve the sound quality in a free audio editor like audacity Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder or wavosaur. Wavosaur free audio editor with VST and ASIO support

Edited to add. You can also sequence the tracks using Kristal audio engine. KRISTAL Audio Engine

It has a very good virtual mixer and it's also free. :)

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