Video: The New US Army Boot Camp??

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. The old guy hit it on the head. "If you take the time to question why you are getting an order you're probably dead"

    Also the nonsense of claiming they used to flunk 15% now its 11% so SUCCESS, is crap t just 4% of chaff have now gotten through!

    What next, orders replaced by democratic votes!
  3. Sixty

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    Trip, I know nothing about the US Army boot-camp so apologies if obvious; is this nine-week camp something that everyone goes through (like our Phase One, I guess) and then they specialise after that - Inf, etc?
  4. 9 WEEKS ! surely that cant be all they do across the pond?
  5. Not neccesarily. YOu don't have to scream and shout 24/7 to be able to train good soldiers.

    Very few of the SF units scream and shout, nor do the Gurkhas during their basic.

    Perhaps the concept of speak softly, but carry a big stick is a better option. The training will still be rigid and no doubt firmly enforced.

    Likewise, 8 hours of sleep means that the lads can sleep. Plenty of time to beast them on exercise... no one can here you scream on ex :D
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    We're not talking about soldiers who have graduated from basic training here. This is the first introduction to the military. All soldiers must go through basic training. It is very basic in military skills, etc.

    I'm very well acquainted with what takes place in our Special Forces Groups. After all, when one is in a an ODA they are in most cases a senior NCO.

    IMO: The USMC has the best basic training in all of our military forces. It's not the shouting that makes it so good; however, that type of harassment by USMC DI's is good for recruits and a legend in the USMC. IMO they have a far better basic marksmanship program than the US Army and turn out better basic soldiers.
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Quite correct! This is a basic course for all recruits. All will go to advanced training in their job specialty. Also in some cases basic airborne school or other special training.
  8. I read in the economist that the British Army is losing 38% of recruits a year. Don't quote me on that. That could have been last years figure. 11% in the American Army isn't that bad.
  9. And its the highest attrition rate in Europe. Not trying to deviate the thread here. But the argument would be that a new style of boot camp is needed because of the generation we live in. Basically young people feel they can voice against authority etc.
  10. 9 Weeks for Basic Training, and further depending on skill set. It has been up to 12 weeks at times.

    When I went Enlisted in 1981 it was 6 Weeks Basic, 17 Weeks for Field Artillery Surveyor(MOSC 82C10). Not much time comparatively with the British System. Once you get MOSQ and sent onto your unit, you really begin to learn in depth your skill, be it Infantryman, or Radar Technician.

    Then also each year all Soldiers(Less those deployed) take CTT Common Task Testing (Now renamed Warrior Task Training :roll: ) this is about 40 Individual tasks ranging from First Aid to NBC and Weapons. There is also Collective training from Fire team Level to Brigade level Field Training (FTX) Situational Training(STX), Combine Arms Live Fire(CALFEX), MOUT, IWQ, etc.

    In the Infantry, every year (sometimes 2-3 times a year) there is also Expert Infantry Badge testing.

    no matter if you've been to Iraq 4 times, Afghan, etc. & A CIB & EIB holder, if your units FNG's are testing for this, so are you.

    Infantry School Homepage

    Infantry OSUT (Basic & AIT) overview

    Follow on courses
  11. Trip, I am just pointing out that you don't neccesarily have to scream and shout to motivate, in fact further on the line it could be advantagious.

    SF aside, the Gurkhas don't bawl and shout, they encourage.

    It requires a more subtle approach and more time and effort, but you can bring people along with a carrot not the stick.

    It's worth a trial at least.
  12. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Well, the USMC has been doing that type of training for decades. Mostly I posted those videos for 'humorous' view of Marine verbal assaults. I doubt that they really represent the true everyday training of a Marine.

    I can not fault the USMC for the product that they turn out. They have served this Country well for many years in many wars and conflicts. Whatever there doing must be good.

    I suspect that the regular UK forces (Army & Marines in particular) use some of the same type verbal stuff on their recruits as well. At least that is what I have been lead to believe. There seems to be a lot of UK RSM's that are legends for such use of such ass-chewing, etc.
  13. Not quite as common as you'd expect to be honest.
  14. Strictly my opinion, but there is a time and place for acting like Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, and its a Narrow window.

    When I went to Basic Training in 1981 My Drill Sergeant SFC Wolfe was one hell of a guy.

    Vietnam Vet(1 tour as Infantry, 1 tour as Combat Medic)
    Scuba Bubble

    He rarely yelled and screamed, rarely doled out mass punishment. If you screwed up -You paid for it.

    He had then 6 weeks to teach us what we needed to know to hopefully stay alive, and not embarrass ourselves, and our country.

    We were firing the M60's one day in Freezing cold weather of a Fort Sill Winter, and I took my gloves off in the Latrine, they got stolen quickly.

    2 days later he noticed I was out in below zero weather without gloves, and asked what happened. I told him no excuse "I lost them".

    He could have made me "push" Oklahoma to Mexico with my hands in the snow & Ice, but instead sent me to the MCSS to buy a replacement pair. He could have gotten me some free ones, but taught me a lesson in accountability.

    He spent hours mentoring us in Rifle Marksmanship, going over and above what the POI called for. Most of us qualified Expert, in fact we took the BRM high score for the Bn.

    I didnt need to screamed at to become proficient at being a Soldier. I didnt need to be propagandized incessantly. I took to it because My Belief was I owed a debt to my country for everything they provided for me and my family.
  15. I think minimum 8 hours sleep whilst undergoing basic training is wrong. It distills dicipline/deprevation in to the recruit. If you can be deprived of sleep in your lines, you can do it in the field.

    We were lucky to get 5.