Video Skype is bad?

Heard a rumor we had internet and skype video on bastion, but only for one day. now its gone.. heard another rumor that it was shut down because paradigm complained.. any thoughts? :omg:
If you were a company making lots of money selling phone cards to people who had to sit in grotty booths to talk to their loved ones, wouldn't you get the service that let people sit in their own space to video chat with their loved ones banned?

That or it was eating (shared) bandwidth.
No Skype on the Paradigm system for sure. There is a company called IFONE there which allows access to skype and anything which people use. There is also another company starting up there and should be up and running in the next month or so.
I tried using MSN messenger but it had to be very late o'clock with minimal users on even then it used to drop off so often that it wasn't worth it. Outside of Bastion forget it lucky to get a phone call. Used eblueys a lot really fast service.
I've heard that at BSN 1 NAAFI today! Be about right that... get a chance to get on video skype like them mincers in KAF can -only to get it pulled last minute! Typical Brit Mil Welfare really - get something half decent in for the lads - then we the troops cant use it because paradigm complain?? Aren't paradigm supposed to be for the forces or what??? Threaders!!
even skype voice is horrific on bandwidth usage. significantly slows/stops anything else trying to use the link
Well well, it seems that Paradigm have indeed complained about the service that is being provided and are apparently telling the MOD stories that Proxima have damaged their cabling and are interfering with their wireless, when in fact its not the case. As such, MOD people in the UK appear to have told Proxima to suspend their services in Bastion (but not the FOBs), yet they have not told the other company ICLOS to suspend their service.

Essentially ICLOS provide a shit service which is why Paradigm arn't bothered by them, but Proxima provide a better service then Paradigm so rather then provide better services to soldiers, Paradigm would rather try to get them fucked off.

I happen to know that the in country Paradigm manager is a total dick and it is not a surprise that he has complained and made up a load of bullshit.

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