Video on citizens v military life

That is possibly one of the gayest forwarded emails I've ever had the misfortune to receive. The fact that someone has taken the time and effort to put it into a video should, in my humble opinion, mean instant execution.

You, on the other hand, should be gang raped by angry rastafarians with a variety of social diseases for being enough of a twat to post that shite on here. Have you ever read the poem about Santa visiting some squaddie who's family hates him too much to have him home for Christmas? It'll break your heart.
"You go to Burger king and order a Whopper with Cheese"
"So does he"

"You can write on Facebook how you hate the war"
"He can't write"

"You go home and to see your sister and talk about girlfriends"
"His sister is his girlfriend"

"You have a headache and phone in sick"
"He's Joe Glenton and he's legging off to the Far East"

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