Video of USSF door kickers.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Red Shrek, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. taken down
  2. Looks like joint ops with the Iraqi Army.
  3. Firing on the move
    Happy Slapping
    More Bunching
    Wasting Ammo
    Even more bunching

    But generally interesting to watch... Bad drills dudes.
  4. Hearts and minds anyone? Hmm anyone.....?
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    My word, who mounts a minigun to a HMMWV outside of Hollywood? And yeah, you couldn't fail to hit at least one person with them all bunched up like that.
  6. Remember what they say about opinions being like *********? Everyone has one. These guys do this for a living,i see no bad drills here but then again this is arrse nothing done by Americans is ever good in your eyes
  7. Are you serious RedShrek? what about slapping householders in the face around 1.04?

    I think the music is the theme tune from "Team America: World Police"... so hopefully the whole video is meant to be sarcastic as opposed to 'yeah, aren't we great chaps'.

  8. Looks to me like a gung hoe feel good video produced by a septic who obviously has no concept of the term "Winning hearts and minds".

    All my own opinion of course.
  9. Bunching is bunching is bunching..... sloppy drills equal more floded flags
    Sorry to offend but look at the evidence, a few well lobbed gren's would have done mucho mucho damage!
  10. None of us have any background perspective of what was really going on.They could have been slapping an insurgent for al i know.THis was put together by someone for SF guys who have more background info than anyone else on what was going down.So is your problem the fact they were using the Team America theme song or what?I can safely say no one can accuse US SF guys of ignoring hearts and minds.So what exactly is your point?
  11. FFS, They might aswell broadcast an AQ recruiting video worldwide. Seen loads of clips like this on that servingmycountry website. Yeah we all may like to take the odd momento now & then, but putting things like this together is only stoking the fire. Maybe its ok if kept "in house" but not plastered all over the www. But then in this day & age what could you expect. It only takes one guy on leave to give a mate a copy then wham its worldwide. Maybe its just me , but I feel all these vids may come back & haunt somebody oneday.

    Regards LT.
  12. How embarassing, yet entertaining too.

  13. I agree... videos like that, when circulated on the web can do harm. But I don't think the Yanks give a toss.
  14. My point exactly. Hearts and minds anyone? Hmm...anyone? No, didn't think so.
  15. Quick one as i have gotta go out but are they not Rangers??