video of US Marines pursuing assailants

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Red Shrek, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Good video! Does anyone know if the Marines caught up and "dealt with" the insurgents?
  2. I have not heard any follow up but on some American military forums there is debate on the drills displayed.Was it wise for this one humvee to detach and give pursuit?They could have been lured into a trap which would have required a larger force to come to their rescue putting more folks in danger.
  3. well im pretty sure they got one of them
  4. Red Shrek, I agree with yuor point about vehicle drills.

    I served in Al Amarah and Maysan Province, which are a lot safer than the US areas to the north. Despite this, there is no way that the commander on the ground would have tolerated a single vehicle engaging in a high speed pursuit like that. Especially as it was into the middle of an insurgent controlled area, which is not good drills. On top of that, the vehicle commander couldn't give his higher ups a location for were they had stopped. They would have been in deep sh*t if it had been a "come on". Hopefully all the Marines involved were unharmed.
  5. I think it's somewhat context dependant. Unless it's a particularly good 'come-on', it might well have been reasonably obvious to the Americans that they had gotten totally lucky. We know nothing from the video about past TTPs from the opposition, they may have given chase every day for the last two weeks and never once been ambushed.

    Although it's a little unfortunate that they didn't have a grid to hand when they stopped (Which is fixable in a minute: Everyone's got a GPS), I can't really fault them for giving chase: The opposition has the advantage of being a small, independent, mobile force: If the US waits every single time for a 'posse' to be rounded up before giving chase, they'll never catch anyone.

  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Your bold
    I have to agree with invicta on this one
    One vehicle cannot detach itself and go hareing of after anyone
    What if they had gotten dragged in to an organised killing zone
    4 Marines in a Hummvee v lots heavly armed flip flops = Dead marines
    They don't know where they are so can't call in help
    Granted they got away with it this time but not something I would want my comander to make a habit of
    Is it worth putting the whole crew at risk for (as I see it) 1 confirmed kill poss 2 wounded ?
  7. Did he?

    Something else we don't know is if they really were alone: All we know is that his superior didn't know where he was. For all we know from the camera's point of view, the guy on the radio was the platoon sergeant in the lead truck of half his platoon with three trucks, and he's talking to his LT who has another three trucks with the other 15 men.

  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Evrybody else seems to think it was one Humvee
    Ha sanyone got a link to the site debating it?
    If it was one Humvee then I still think they were lucky
  9. The chase me till I stop terrorist activity is not exactly new. There was a guy doing this in the Markets area in Belfast. He drew attention, ran round a corner. Patrol chased. Ran into an explosive device and firearms. I dealt with, I think, some 4 fatalities. All came to an end what a PARA said F** that and shot the bloke as he was running away before he got to the corner. The deceased's MO was confirmed in inquest and there were no charges re maybe dodgt interpetation of yellow card,
    Mind you, I spent a few hours a month or so ago with the HIT team who have reopened the case. Thank God I look old and useless - who could remember anything from 35 years ago!
  10. The video has been taken down :(
  11. Is there anywhere else where it's likely to be?
  12. I wonder if the removal was the work of the new censorship unit :)