Video of US Deuce Four Raiding a house in Iraq

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Red Shrek, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. Video

    Need Quicktime
  2. Gung Ho. Medal Hunting idiot!!! Gonna get himself wasted Just running round like a mad man like that. Whatevr happend to rotating the Lead man etc.

    Although i am impressed by the apparant haste of the op and the fact they didnt waste everything in sight.

  3. Impressed they got onto to the grid quick enough that the mortars came from and were able to follow the vehicle to the end...
    bit too much "Blow 'em up", "Take them down" and then "What we need is System of a Down or Pantera"...cue the music! :roll:
  4. I can understand the aggression on their part, they had just witnessed the baddies lob over 10 mortar rounds at their compadres
  5. I know....but having a soundtrack ready to go a hooping and a hollering too?!
  6. What fcuking god awful music is that sh1t?
  7. Now the music is something else. I can't defend that, it was horrible :eek:
  8. Deuce Four eh? Sounds well cool. move em on head em off head em off move em out move em out head em off rawhide (whip cracks)
  9. Totally off topic but I have a mate who sings that song when pished - the whip cracks being produced by him hitting himself over the head with a beer tray.

    Back to the hoopin' and the hollerin'
  10. I always fancied myself as a bit of a Rowdy Yates. Maybe I could be in a deuce four? Yee haaa (hmmm is that how you spell yee haaa.... I'll just put Yahoo perhaps - slightly more British. Hey ho.)

    Your friend sounds like a class act BlackHand. I bet he's a champion at lancaster bomber.